Common Risks Libraries Need To Prepare For

If you manage a library, then you already understand that it is the library’s responsibility to protect its assets. While you do need to limit liabilities, you should also a library insurance policy that covers all of your unique risks. Here are two of the most common risks that libraries have to be prepared for.

Property Damage

As a library, you have a lot of valuable assets to protect. You need coverage that can protect your building in the case of a fire, flood or other diasters. In addition, libraries loan books, CDs and other items to the public. If something is damaged, you need to be able to afford repairs or replacements. Property insurance covers most of the assets that the library owns.

Auto Damage

If your library uses commercial vehicles to transport books for official use, then the vehicles need to be covered. Most personal insurance policies do not cover injuries or damages that occur in a commercial vehicle accident. You may also require non-owned auto insurance for library employees when they use their personal vehicles for professional business.

As a library manager, you deliver an invaluable service to the community that you serve. To make sure that the library is protected, you need policies that directly acknowledge library specific risks.