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Insurance for Vegans

Companies That Manufacture Vegan Products Can Now Choose Ethical Insurance

You have put a lot of work into your creating your manufacturing facility. When it comes to protecting it and the future of your business, choosing insurance for vegans just makes sense. There are two important things you want to look for.

Knowledge of Your Manufacturing Needs

Companies that are in the business of manufacturing any type of products have specific needs when it comes to their insurance coverage. You need a provider that understands exactly what kinds of policies you need to protect you from the various types of lawsuits, damages and problems that could affect you. Among the policies they may suggest are:

  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Commercial Property coverage
  • Equipment Failure
  • Business Interruption
  • Workers’ Compensation

Knowledge of Your Principles

It can be irritating trying to explain why you do the things the way you do in the face of someone who does not understand veganism. Underlying all your business decisions is the belief that no animals should be harmed, even if there is a more cost-effective but non-vegan way to do business. A vegan insurance company understands that this is critical to your operating principles.

You make a choice of how to spend your personal dollars every moment of every day. You can do that with your company’s dollars as well, by choosing an ethical insurance company to do business with.

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With Vegan Insurance, Your Business Expenses Can Match Your Ideals

Vegan businesses need insurance just like any other type of company. But it can be frustrating when you have to spend your money with businesses that do not share your views. When you purchase with a vegan insurance company, you can get the coverage you need without financing someone’s steak dinner. Among the types of coverage you can get are:

General Liability

Protection against personal injury and property damage that covers the medical costs and property replacement, as well as legal fees and damages.

Food Spoilage and Equipment Failure

If you are producing food or vegan products, when your equipment fails, you lose money and, potentially, future business until your back on line.

Product Liability

Any time you produce any type of product, you are liable if it does not perform as expected.

Property insurance

The place you do business in needs to be protected against theft, fire and other potential damage.

Workers’ Compensation

When you have employees, no matter how careful you are, they can get hurt. Worker’s compensation is a vital part of any business’ expenses.

Food based companies, whether restaurants, food manufacturing, product manufacturing or festivals, all require special types of coverage and considerations. Using a vegan insurance company that understands your specific needs and is in alignment with your beliefs is a better way of doing business.

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Hosting a Vegan Festival or Event? You Need These Insurance Policies

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of hosting an event, but don’t forget the important underlying details. Protect your event, business and mission by investing in a reliable insurance plan. Insurance gives you peace of mind and provides financial support when things go wrong. Consider adding these four types of insurance for vegan businesses to your next event.

1. General Liability

This protects you when an attendee is injured during your event or when someone’s personal property gets damaged. All medical bills, property replacement costs and legal fees are included in the coverage.

2. Liquor Liability

If you serve alcohol at your event and someone gets hurt, hurts another person or damages property, your liquor liability coverage takes care of the costs. Vendors who serve alcohol must have their own liquor insurance plans.

3. Event Cancellation Coverage

Any losses associated with canceling your event are covered under this insurance. Cancellation can be due to weather, financing, low attendance or any other reason.

4. Vendor Insurance

Vendors should have their own insurance for your event. If they don’t or if their insurance doesn’t provide full coverage, your policy can pick up the slack.

Are You Prepared?

During the planning stage, call your provider about insurance for vegan businesses. Get all the coverage you need to make your event a huge success.