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insurance for dog bites

3 Reasons Why You Need Dog Bite Insurance

If you own a canine or are looking to get one, you should consider purchasing insurance for dog bites. Regardless of breed or whether your pet has a history of biting, this type of coverage can benefit you in the long run. Here are three reasons why:

1. Medical Expense Coverage

Even the friendliest of canines can be pushed past their breaking point and react by biting someone. If this does happen, dog bite insurance can cover any medical expenses needed to treat the injury.

2. Required by Landlord

Many landlords require that you obtain liability insurance before you can sign a lease or move in. If you are looking to rent, obtaining dog bite coverage now can save you time later and help you get the place you want.

3. Restricted Breed Coverage

Many homeowners and renters policies have restrictions for which breeds they include under their animal liability. These often include German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Insurance for dog bites can cover your canine even if it is excluded from your other policies.

Not only can dog bite insurance save you from paying medical or legal bills, but it can also give you peace of mind. Protect yourself and your canine by purchasing this type of coverage.

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yacht builders insurance wholesalers

The Insurance You Need to Build a Yacht at a Wholesale Price

We know that the markets for boat building are getting tighter and more competitive. With pressure from competitors overseas, the stakes are raising. As yacht builders insurance wholesalers, we have the edge to remain competitive at the right time and for the right price for our consumers be they recreational builders or those who mass produce yachts for the current buyers.

The right insurer feels the pulse of the industry and adjust accordingly to remain competitive. So you can rest assured that if you get the right feeling from a potential insurer it makes complete sense to go with your gut. Finding the policy that fits you best keeps things simpler for all involved so that you can get back to doing what you really want to do, building yachts. Yacht builders insurance wholesalers know just how rewarding the field can be and that the less you can be bogged down in red tape the better. Knowing the market helps us bring you the best insurance value for your money and with that you can take on the world and engage in every project that calls your name. When you are engaged in the right building project, life is simply exciting. Let the security of the right insurance plan help you get back to what really matters.

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Dazzling Home Design Features Warrant Additional Insurance Protection

Homes of distinction are constructed by talented craftsmen using the finest materials available, and it’s not unusual for months or even years of construction to take place before the client’s and architect’s vision is realized. These multimillion-dollar dwellings often have a dazzling array of unique features inside and outside the residence as well—everything from natural rock formations and a river flowing from outside through the interior of the home, to seemingly floating invisible staircases made of Lucite. Some clients have installed an entire wall of a special kind of glass as a design feature in their basement, which provides a stunning view into the depths of a swimming pool or commercial-grade aquarium on the other side of the glass. Some want to recreate a sportsman’s paradise, complete with putting greens, trampoline, tennis court, and batting cage on the premises. Still others have created a resort-like experience in their backyard, building elaborate fire pits, diving platforms, swim-up bars in the Olympic-size pool, water slides, hot tubs large enough to seat 20, and splash pools. If you own a home with these kinds of features, you have a particular need for Connecticut high net worth insurance.

The special infrastructure that is required to support these kinds of high-end design elements presents its own exposure to risk in the event any of these features fails, which could result in serious property damage—and when a multimillion-dollar structure is at stake, this damage can be catastrophic. Not to mention, the existence of all those fun features to jump in, on, and from, will create additional opportunities for guests to hurt themselves. Ironically, the mere presence of such elaborate design features can present additional risks, as a greater number of people are more likely to want to come to your residence to enjoy everything there is to experience. Consult a professional insurance agent to learn more about how a carefully constructed Connecticut high net worth insurance policy with the special features and coverage amounts you need can protect you from risks arising from the design features that make your home so unique and enjoyable.

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