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wind/hail insurance

Coverage for your Property During Extreme Weather Conditions

There are many things that can be done to keep your property safe and intact. Gates, locks, security, and smoke detectors are just some safeguards that may come to mind when thinking about everyday protections for average homes and businesses. However, one category of exposures that cannot simply be overlooked is natural weather phenomena. With the potential damage that can result even from high wind/hail, insurance is often a must to keep these investments protected.

How Heavy Storms Can Affect Properties

During a storm and even after it’s passed, the effects can be potentially devastating. Some that may be noticeable immediately include:

  • Cracks, dents and other structural damage to building, roofing and windows
  • Injury to inhabitants by projectile objects and hazardous debris
  • Clogged sewer systems that can lead to flooding
  • Damage to surrounding electrical sources and power lines
  • Water damage inside and around the property, including the formation of dangerous mold
  • Valuables inside the home destroyed in the aftermath

While it is impossible to control the course of nature, there are still ways to protect against it. Thorough preparation well ahead of time can save stress, money and time down the road when a storm hits. Are you prepared for torrential rain, heavy wind, hail? Insurance that addresses these issues for your property can be the best defense and a worthy investment.

Officers insurance in Babylon

Three Reasons to Have Directors and Officers Insurance

With a large number of the 415 total lawsuits filed in 2017 against businesses according to Forbes, companies with senior executives may want to take another look at directors and officers insurance. Officers insurance in Babylon protects the business in the event of a lawsuit due to the negligence of the officers.

Business Growth

Growing and expanding your business comes with great reward but also an increase in liabilities. Often some areas get sidelined during the startup phase that must be addressed. A healthy business environment and good data protection can help decrease your liability.

Personal Accountability

Many of the lawsuits against businesses increasingly focus on the personal accountability of c-level executives. Vendors, customers and employees understand their rights. Officers insurance in Babylon offers individual coverages in addition to covering the business itself against fraudulent and criminal acts of c-level executives.

Active Investors

Many investors now require businesses to be more accountable for their actions. They may choose to influence the company’s behavior to improve practices. People can now be held accountable for the shortcomings of the business.

Though not compulsory, many businesses can benefit from adding officers insurance in Babylon to their portfolio. Protect your business against the financial losses of a lawsuit against an officer of the company.

US Risk underwriters

Behind the Scenes on Your Premium

When you go to get an insurance quote, the agent will take many things into account before giving you an estimate. The types of insurance you require is an important factor concerning the risks involved, and quotes can vary significantly between commercial or residential requests. The job of sorting through the risks you face is left with US Risk underwriters. These highly trained individuals determine if it will be a profitable venture for the insurance company to take on your account.

Training and Experience Matter

In cases where the underwriting process isn’t automated, those employed as underwriters have significant education, training and experience working with risk assessment. It is their job to decide if a risk (offering an insurance policy) will have a negative impact on the provider. Once they receive the information from the agent, they begin the task of analyzing your situation. Their jobs include:

  • Reviewing the details of your account to determine the actual risks involved
  • Deciding on the type of policy coverage can be offered and the conditions on perils or limits
  • Establishing or changing endorsement coverage
  • Identifying proactive solutions to reduce risks in the environment

US Risk underwriters may also work with your agent to find specialized insurance approaches. They are the behind-the-scenes policy experts for all your insurance needs.

special event insurance

What is Special Event Coverage For: A Mini-Guide

It’s standard practice that people insure their homes and cars. But what about those in charge of a special event? For cases like those, there’s special event insurance that can take care of a one-time event should problems occur.

What Event Insurance Covers

Special event coverage is for various events that might need coverage if people have purchased tickets but cannot attend because something happened to the event. This could include a fire, cancellation, or other problem that was beyond the control of all involved.
These types of events include:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Parades
  • Other one-time events

Understand What the Limits Are

This type of insurance comes with specific limits what gets covered. These items typically include:

It’s important to note while these types of items are covered, certain things are considered too much of a risk and therefore are not.
Some of these items are:

  • Assault
  • Animals
  • Performer injury

This coverage is necessary to have, but don’t consider it an automatic solution to all problems that can occur with having a special event.

Special event coverage is important to have if there’s an event going on that could generate a lot of revenue but create problems if an accident occurs. Having the right insurance protection means these problems don’t have to blow up if a mishap should occur.

Needham insurance agent

Three Considerations When Choosing Local Liability Coverage

Three Considerations When Choosing Local Liability Coverage
Sometimes, finding the right insurance policy can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, if you are looking for a Needham insurance agent, here are some tips to narrow down what you are looking for.
Decide what kind of coverage you need.

There are many different kinds of insurance policies, carries, brokers and specialties. If you are looking for home insurance, you won’t want to check with a broker specializing in commercial policies. Chances are, you will get a better rate and more attention with a local office focusing on residential services.

Decide how much coverage you want.

Although you might not have all the answers concerning the details of your policy limits, a Needham insurance agent with your best interest in mind will only sell you what you need. Insurance policies should be comprehensive in addressing your liabilities, but they should be affordable. Watch out for those looking for a larger commission.

Decide who is the most responsive.

As you do your research, take note of those who respond promptly to your inquiry and those who don’t call you back. Many websites now have contact forms that send an immediate note of interest to the local company. Look for an agent that will treat you as a priority and communicate quickly and professionally.

bankers environmental risk insurance

Securing Commercial Loans Comes with Environmental Risks

With a growing population comes a growing risk to the environment. Issuing commercial property loans to businesses can make the financial institution at risk for environmental liabilities at the mortgaged property. Cover the inherent risks to the financial institution with bankers environmental risk insurance.

Loan Default

One key way the financial institution be responsible for environmental claims is when the business defaults on the loan. The financial institution can be left fully responsible for the environmental damage caused by the mortgaged property.

Bodily Injury

People can become injured by the pollution caused by the property. They can inhale airborne pollutants, slip on leaking fluids, drink contaminated water and have long-term effects resulting from the pollution. Affected individuals can sue for injuries resulting from environmental damage.

Property Damage

Pollution can cause extensive property damage not just at the commercial site but in the surrounding land, water and air. The cleanup cost can be an expensive, drawn-out process for both the bank and the offending company.

Bankers environmental risk insurance helps the financial institution cover the financial costs associated with funding companies with environmental liabilities. When both the business and the financial institution are insured, claims can be settled quietly. Protect the financial institution in the event an environmental risk does occur.

Insurance staffing agencies

Take Advantage of Expected Growth in Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is expected to continue its three percent year growth, also seen in 2018. Capitalize on the projected growth by ensuring your staffing agency has the right tools and employees to offer to prospective clients. Insurance staffing agencies can help you have the right coverage as you expand your business.

Locum Tenens

Healthcare fields are expected to slow slightly, but there is still a need for quality health professionals. Locum tenens professionals such as clergymen and physicians is expected to see a seven percent growth in 2019.


Creative and marketing positions are also expected to rise in 2019 close to seven percent. Many businesses like having a graphic designer or digital manager, but only need them for a certain period of time. Most small businesses cannot afford to hire one permanently and rely on temporary staffing for their creative projects.


Education is expected to have a seven percent growth in 2019. Support staff for public schools has risen over recent years. Positions for teaching assistants, lunchroom, monitors and tutors are some of the needed jobs.

Keeping your staffing agency on par with the changing economic trends can help your business grow and expand. Protect your investment and financial assets with insurance staffing agencies. Get the most out of your insurance by using an experienced insurance agency focused on the staffing industry.

the Owens Group

Personalized Insurance and Dependable Service

When it comes to purchasing insurance, you want to go with the company that knows what they are doing. With over an astounding 60 years in the industry, the Owens Group is exactly that company. Founded in 1957, our business was established by the Owens family and has stayed as such for three generations. This makes us an agency trusted by generations of thousands of other families like ours. With our wide array of lines, you are sure to find the coverage you need as well as fantastic service.

Open Arms and Open Ears

Since our founding, we have approached each client with care and professionalism. Every family and business receives personalized attention during the entire process. In addition to our understanding team, we also boast a wonderful relationship with each of our carrier partners. These include companies like Met Life, Nationwide, Progressive, Prudential, Liberty Mutual and many more. This means we can provide clients with the right kinds of lines at their best prices.

Comprehensive Lines

Our team can help you obtain a whole array of policies. These include both commercial and individual lines. Coverage for individuals includes: valuables, auto, homeowners, special events, personal umbrella, life and watercraft. As for businesses, we offer health and employee benefits for most. We also assess each in order to see what works best for them.

Start your own relationship with the Owens Group today and begin the path to a brighter future!

non owned auto insurance

How To Ensure Total Business Auto Liability Coverage

When considering the option of adding non owned auto insurance to your commercial liability plan, it is important to read the fine print of your business auto policy. If you believe your coverage is sufficient, you could be making a dangerous assumption. Did you know:

  • A typical business auto insurance policy does not cover damages or personal injuries that may result from an accident involving a personal or hired car driven by an employee? Standard business auto policies only extend such coverage to company-owned vehicles.
  • A staffing organization is responsible not only for the actions of its own employees but, often, for those of employees placed within a client company? If your firm typically enters into a co-employment contract with the client company, you may be liable for automobile accidents that occur while employees of that company are driving personal or rented vehicles.

Non owned auto insurance is designed to fill the gap in your business auto coverage. Typically, protection extends to any vehicle used by an employee (or an employee under a co-employment agreement) during the course of business. Personal and hired vehicles are included in the plan. Under the specific terms of the policy, coverage includes the payment of:

  • Legal fees incurred to defend a lawsuit
  • Injuries and/or damages caused by an accident

Don’t assume your standard policy provides the coverage you need. Consult an experienced agent or broker today about adding non owned auto insurance.

Weber Associates

How Specialized Insurance Coverage Can Help Your Business

While shopping around for the perfect insurance plan for your business, you might discover the task may be more challenging than expected. This is because the insurance industry is competitive, so sifting through the options is no easy task. However, when you find a specialized insurance plan that is already tailor-made to fit the coverage needs of your business, such as policies offered by Weber Associates, you can feel confident knowing that you will be covered by an agency that understands your unique exposures.

Examples of Industry-Specific Plans

Larger industries may have an easier time finding specialized coverage, but those in more specialized industries may not be afforded that luxury. Luckily there are insurance agencies that understand that offering industry-specific coverage plans even for smaller businesses is important. Some of these businesses include:

  • Business product suppliers
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Retailers
  • Laundry services and dry cleaners

At first, it may seem difficult to find an existing plan for your business, it’s important to remember that agencies such as Weber Associates do provide them. It can be worth finding these types of industry-specific coverage because of their advantages. Since these agencies must understand these industries thoroughly, you can feel confident that they have likely addressed in their policies exposures that are both common and unique in your line of work. Speak to an agent today to find a policy that is the perfect fit for you.