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NewMark Insurance

Choosing the Right Commercial Insurance Plan

When it comes to protecting the investment you have in your small business, choosing the right commercial insurance plan can be confusing. NewMark Insurance offers a variety of flexible professional liability insurance solutions to meet the needs of your business. Specialized packages offer protection according to your liability and property requirements.

Industries Requiring Insurance

Your business and insurance needs are unique. Commercial insurance allows your business to operate even in the face of costly litigation regardless of your industry. A liability policy protects the financial future of your organization with top-notch coverage, and NewMark Insurance offers the following commercial policies and coverage options:

  • Attorneys Professional Liability, including legal malpractice coverage
  • Insurance Agents E&O, such as innocent insured coverage for independent contractors
  • Mortgage Brokers/Lenders E&O to manage claims related to discrimination allegations
  • Property Managers E&O for retail shopping centers, office buildings and more
  • Real Estate E&O to handle claims of failure to disclose material facts or inspect a property
  • Title Agents E&O for losses due to errors in the title documentation process

Choosing the right type and amount of insurance protects your hard work and investment in your business now and in the future.

Business Insurance Portfolio

NewMark Insurance offers cost-effective insurance solutions for your business. Talk to a trusted agent for more information on coverage options.

errors omissions manhattan

Why Your Accounting Business Could Benefit From Errors and Omissions Insurance

Accounting has long been a necessary trade, and owning and accounting business is one surefire way to turn a profit, particularly in the modern market. However, because of the high stakes which you and your employees often have to work with when it comes to balancing accounts, accidents can occur that put your business’s financial stability at risk. This is why having insurance for errors omissions in Manhattan is potentially one of the smartest things you can do for your business in the coming years. This service protects you from issues like:

  • Mistakes or oversights that result in substantial losses for clients or other oversights by your employees.
  • Failure to make a bid in certain situations in which serious gains could have been made for a client otherwise.
  • Failure to inform clients about important developments with their accounts that have the potential to impact them on a large basis.

These are all serious threats which any large or growing accounting company faces on a daily basis. Accidents in calculations can and do happen, so it’s best to protect yourself form the fallout with the help of errors omissions in Manhattan. Speaking with a professional is the best way to clear up any questions you may have about this service and to get started with getting your coverage right away.

Staff Insurance

Keep Health Care Staff Healthy

Managing a staffing agency is a challenging enough task in itself, but there are an additional slew of challenges that come when your work in the health care sector, too. Staffing for health care allows hospitals and other medical facilities to fill last minute openings in their schedules. As a scheduler or recruiter, you’re tasked with managing personnel, and this includes the liabilities they face on a day-to-day basis. Since many of those exist in clients’ facilities, they are out of your control, but you can invest in measures such as staff insurance to ensure you are protected from many of the most common risks.

Health Care Provides Face Unique Risks

The health care providers you staff with clients are exposed to a number of situations that put them at risk for injuries and illnesses such as:

  • Sickness contracted from patients
  • Slip and fall
  • Harm inflicted by patient
  • Muscle sprain
  • Lacerations
  • Other various accidents

Insurance Protects Relationships With Clients

In unique circumstances, you may have personnel perform in a way that is unsatisfactory and jeopardizes your relationship with your client. In cases when this becomes a legal matter, staff insurance can offer a layer of protection to guard against liability for damages and protect the relationship you’ve cultivated with your client.

dog bite insurance settlements

Dog Bites: What You’re Responsible for

If your dog injures a person or animal, you can be held responsible. While most people know this, there are still many that don’t have insurance on their dog. For some, they don’t realize how much they could be responsible and how much dog bite insurance settlements will pay out on their behalf. You don’t have to suffer a loss of money on top of everything else. If you aren’t sure what you could be held responsible for, there are four main components.

First, you can be responsible for any medical or veterinary bills that the other party has had to pay. Also, if your dog caused any injuries that forced a person out of work or if they bit an animal that was a source of income, you could be responsible for the loss of income for however long it took to heal. This can be a giant loss for you. There is also property damage and pain and suffering that you could be liable for.

All of this could cost you a lot of money without dog bite insurance settlements. It’s important to have insurance to protect you and your pets from a lawsuit that you can’t afford. Having a pet is a huge responsibility but insurance can make it easier.

Michigan malpractice insurance

Keep Your Business Alive With Michigan Malpractice Insurance

You’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your Michigan business. Your clients depend on and trust you. Can you imagine if everything you worked for was threatened by a simple mistake, or worse yet, an unfounded claim from a dishonest client? Whether your company is large or small, Michigan malpractice insurance is essential to your operation.

What’s the Big Deal?

An employee could inadvertently make a mistake or customers could perceive that an error you made caused them financial loss. This doesn’t have to be proven before costs start to accumulate. As soon as an attorney starts to defend you against a claim, the fees accrue and can be expensive. And if you are found to be liable at all, you’ll also have a settlement to deal with. This could be devastating to your company.

What’s it for?

If your business includes providing a service to customers, Michigan malpractice insurance is a must. It is a type of coverage that responds to third party claims alleging financial loss resulting from and error or omission that occurred during the rendering of your professional services. This would include defense costs and damages amongst other types of financial loss, which would be defined by a policy that is tailored to your risk profile.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of others. Don’t put yourself in a financial predicament. Take care of your business by investing in Michigan malpractice insurance.

hired non owned auto

Reasons to Insure Hired Drivers

Staffing drivers can be a lucrative pursuit, but it is often attached to a number of less favorable liabilities. If your agency deals with hired non owned auto positions, you should consider securing coverage for the car and driver. A policy can protect against some of the most common and costliest incidents.

Get Coverage in Case of an Accident

You can be held liable for damages incurred from an accident involving your employee. Even if it is a hired non owned auto, if you employ the person involved in the crash, you may be held responsible. A staffing insurance policy can protect you from this by providing coverage for accidents. Rather than insuring just the employee, coverage extends to the vehicle and damage incurred.

Policies Can Be Obtained Individually

Separate policies means you can enjoy separate limits for each of your insureds. In this case, if you are contracting coverage for an agency employee who is driving, their limit is calculated and charged separately from others. In many cases, this can result in lower rates.

Improve Client Relations

Your clients rely on you, and if their position entails driving, they want to place full trust in you. Insuring your employees shows them that you are the safe and reliable choice.

workers compensation insurance companies

Protecting Your Business With Workmans Comp

Workman’s comp insurance is something that every business should be equipped with. It can be a great source of protection in the future if anything should happen. At the same time, it can be difficult for a small business to obtain this kind of coverage. They face various challenges that are unique to a new startup. It is important to find workers compensation insurance companies that know how to address your needs.

Some insurance providers out there can be highly selective when it comes to choosing clients. They may want to base themselves primarily in a certain niche area. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how well you fit what they are looking for. The company may be reluctant to take a risk on an establishment that is just getting started. It is important to find a provider that knows what it’s like to work with newer companies. They can also work with you to prevent accidents as much as possible and ensure that your safety practices are thorough and up to date. At the same time, if an accident does happen, you will have the right protection in place.

Workers compensation insurance companies are ready and waiting to provide the kind of comprehensive policies that you are looking for. The provider that you choose to go with really matters. Make sure they know what is at stake, and can cater to your needs.

New Jersey errors and omissions

Getting the Most Out of Your E&O Coverage

When you are running a professional firm, your clients are entrusting a significant portion of their well-being to you. While mistakes can happen to anyone, when they occur in a professional setting, they tend to have far reaching consequences and may result in claims against your firm.

Assessing Likely Risk

If you are an attorney or an accountant, errors can result in serious financial losses. Architects, builders and engineers are aware that incorrect filings, plans or designs can compromise the safety of the client’s structure and can lead not just to monetary loss but also to property destruction and even personal injury.

How to Tailor Your Policy for Optimal Coverage

When choosing a New Jersey Errors & Omissions policy, speak with your provider about the specific types of risks that you face in order to ensure that your coverage is sufficient. While an accountant has little reason to worry about a personal injury action based on professional negligence, such a claim presents a significant risk for a builder. Other factors include the size of your firm, the qualifications of your personnel, the safeguards and compliance protocols you have implemented to prevent errors, your typical client population, the location of your premises and more. An experienced insurer can provide an optimally accurate risk assessment and advise you as to the best policy for your firm.

omissions insurance for insurance agents

What Can Omissions Insurance Assist With?

Even insurance agents need insurance. If there is ever an oversight with a client’s claim and that client sues, the agent could need to pay quite a bit in legal fees. That is why omissions insurance for insurance agents is a protection worth getting, and it can pay for quite a bit.

Legal Fees

Going to court and hiring an attorney can cost a pretty penny. That is why omissions insurance helps with covering all legal expenses. This includes attorney fees and court fees such as document filing.


It is an unfortunate prospect to consider, but there is always the possibility that you will go to court and lose. Settlement amounts can vary greatly, but with a comprehensive insurance policy, your insurance can help cover a good amount of the settlement.

Any Additional Administrative Costs

Lawsuits are intensive and detailed. There are numerous papers you may need to photocopy, ship or process. All those little fees add up quickly, but your policy may help cover some of these minor expenses.

While no one ever wants to actually use their insurance policy, you definitely do not want to be caught without it just in case something does come up. Omissions insurance for insurance agents is available, and you should speak with a professional to learn more about it.

Two Benefits of Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Insurance is important for many of today’s businesses. The right insurance can provide protection against unforeseen costs and minimize your risks. If you work in real estate, an important policy to consider is errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents. This coverage offers many significant benefits, including these two.

  1. Protect Against Mistakes – In nearly every industry, mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, even the smallest error can end up costing a lot of money. This is why so many people choose to carry errors and omissions insurance. This coverage can protect professionals when they make mistakes. The real estate industry has become increasingly complex, and it is easier than ever to make a mistake. If you have the right insurance, you will not have to worry about the financial ramifications of your mistakes.
  2. Avoid Expensive Lawsuits – When you carry errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents, you are likely to avoid costly lawsuits. Litigation cases are common in the following circumstances:
    • Failure to inspect property
    • Delays in closing transaction
    • Failure to disclose material facts
    • Failure to recommendation a fair price
    • Libel
    • Slander
    • Discrimination

    If you do get sued for one of the reasons, your insurance company can handle the case.

Errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents is a smart investment. Contact an insurance company today for more information on this type of coverage.