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Key Traits of Quality Staffing Insurance Providers

Your insurance provider plays a large part in determining the quality of your actual insurance plan. Therefore, you want to make sure that you select a quality provider. When selecting your staffing insurance provider, there are a few key traits that you should look for.

Positive Reputation

One of the easiest ways to predict how your relationship with a provider will be is to review how they have treated their clients in the past. Therefore, you want to look at reviews or try to speak with other business owners who have used them or are currently using them for their insurance needs.

Notable Associations

To be associated with certain organizations, a company has to meet specific standards. Therefore, it is a positive sign when an insurance provider is associated with well-known and respected insurance organizations and carriers.

Relevance to Industry

As the world changes, so should the stipulations and protection of certain policies. To accomplish this it is important that your provider be up to date on any industry trends and best practices. Many times, you can find this information, along with the aforementioned components, through an online search.

As you make your decision about your staffing insurance provider, be sure to check for these traits. You should also review the benefits offered in the plan to ensure that you receive the quality coverage that you need. Should you have any questions or want to learn more about a policy, contact your local provider.

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3 Reasons you Need Surety Bonds for Your Next Project

If you’re getting ready to begin any construction-based project which involved other parties like contractors and subcontractors, you should consider using surety bonds in Pennsylvania to make sure that all parties are meeting their respective ends of the bargain. While it seems like it’d be simpler just to work on the honor system, there are risks inherent in these types of agreements that can really come back to bite you financially as the owner of the property. There are several reasons why you should use these services, some of the most important including:

  • In the event that a contractor fails to pay subcontractors and other parties they’ve recruited for the project, you’ll be held financially responsible. You can remedy this with a surety bond.
  • If you complete the project and then begun experiencing issues with the work that’s been completed, you may be unable to seek repairs if you haven’t written up a guarantee through a surety bond.
  • Without a surety bond, there’s never a surefire way to guarantee that your contractors will complete the work according to the terms and conditions you’ve agreed upon.

Overall, surety bonds in Pennsylvania are the ideal way to ensure that you’re able to complete your project without a hassle, and they you get the quality construction that you’ve been waiting for.

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What You Need to Know About Employment Practices Liability

We all have heard about high profile cases and news stories in which employees make claims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination. A company can lose a great deal of money if such claims are proven to be true, and can suffer on behalf of the actions of a few people in a department. The situation may be even more disturbing in the case of a staffing agency that is being sued on behalf of the actions of a client off-site. This is one reason you need employee practices liability insurance to make sure you are insulated from the problems that can result from these claims.

You may do your best to screen your applicants and choose appropriate clients without any history of complaints, but still, a claim of unfair employment practices can come out of the blue. Be prepared with a policy that covers you no matter what the circumstances. Talk to an insurance agent about options for an individual policy, deductibles, a comprehensive policy or umbrella liability insurance. You should also make sure you are insured in case an applicant suffers from bodily harm or property damage at the workplace.

You do your best to place the most qualified applicants in workplaces that suit them, but you can’t be everywhere. If something inappropriate happens with a client, feel more secure with employment practices liability insurance.