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Why You Need Coverage for Your Antique Vehicles

Whether you rebuild from scratch or you’re into buying a ready-made model, collecting antique cars is no cheap hobby. While it can be an expensive pastime, it’s one which hundreds of thousands of people across the globe deeply enjoy. If you’re one of the people who enjoys the classics and wants to show off your own, then you need to invest in antique classic car insurance before hitting the road or putting your ride on display. This may seem like an additional, unnecessary cost for collectors, but it’s really a must if you’re serious about collecting. This coverage:

  • Protects you in the event that your antique vehicle causes injury or property damage of any sort while at an auto show or similar event.
  • Helps to insure your original parts against certain types of unforeseen damage, whether you’re on the road or simply have it parked in a safe area.
  • Keeps your vehicle from depreciating at the rapid pace that’s oftentimes associated with automobiles, even classic ones.

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why you really need antique classic car insurance for your collection. Speaking with a professional about specifics can help you get a quoted price and get your cars under protection as soon as possible so you can enjoy your collection without worrying about threats.

classic collectors insurance

3 Factors that Raise Your Classic Car Insurance Costs

Classic collectors insurance has been helping those with a passion for building or buying classic cars protect these assets for decades. This is excellent, considering the huge variety of threats which classics can face on a daily basis in some areas. However, if you’ve been looking into investing in this service, the price can seem a bit steep, or simply unnecessary. The truth of the matter is that there are several different aspects that will impact the cost of insuring your particular vehicle.

  • How the vehicle is used. Is your classic sitting in a well-ventilated and safe garage, or are you still taking it out for a spin every now and again? The threats your ride faces greatly increase or decrease based your answer, therefore impacting the cost of insurance.
  • Submission into events such as auto shows can also impact the cost of insuring your ride. Regardless of how careful you are, there’s always a chance of injury occurring when your car is in a public space, and this will be reflected by the cost.
  • Additional accessories like memorabilia or ornaments that are a part of the car can raise the cost as well, as they provide more room for mistakes or damage to occur in some cases.

These are some of the greatest factors that impact the price of your classic collectors insurance, but there are several more conditions that impact the cost as well. Speak to a professional to learn more and get an estimate on how much it’ll take to keep your classic safe.

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Tips to Help You Compare Car Insurance Quotes

All over the country people are looking to save a few extra dollars every month, and residents of Connecticut are no exception. You might be thinking about saving money on your auto insurance by shopping around. If you are comparing car insurance companies in CT, the following tips will help you.

Talk to Family and Friends

Many people have car insurance, so ask your friends and family how they feel about their policy. Have they been with the insurance company long? Are they satisfied with their rates? Are they satisfied with the customer service, especially if they have ever had to make a claim? Although this information isn’t available in an insurance quote, it can be very helpful in determining which insurance company will suit your needs best.

Look for Discounts

Many car insurance companies in CT offer discounts and good-driver rewards programs. Drivers of a certain age or people with consistently good driving records may be eligible for discounts. Be sure to ask about these potential savings while shopping.

When shopping car insurance companies in CT, remember to always get and compare at least three quotes. This way you will know exactly how much each kind of coverage may cost you. Consider working with an insurance agent who can help you compare insurance policies to find affordable rates.

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The Importance of Reviewing Your Car Insurance

Once you have CT car insurance, it may be tempting to just forget about it. However, many experts suggest you review your policy regularly to ensure it still fits your needs. Even if it seems nothing in your life has changed, it may still be beneficial to review your policy.

You May Want More Coverage

Most states have a minimum amount of auto insurance required. When you bought your policy, you may have just bought the lowest amount possible. As you get older and become more financially stable, you may want to add more.

You Can Get an Overview of the Claims Process

It’s important to understand what you would have to do in the face of an accident. As you review your CT car insurance, you can also review what sort of paperwork you might have to fill out or who you should call.

Your Current Provider May no Longer Best Suit Your Needs

As you review your insurance, you may find out you qualify for a discount from other carriers, but not yours. You may learn about coverages and amenities provides by another company. It’s important to review your car insurance, so you can make sure it is still the best for you.

Work With an Agent

When you’re ready to review your CT car insurance, work with an agent. He or she will be able to go over policy details and help you make necessary changes.

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Things Brought Into Consideration When Getting Classic Collectors Insurance

You probably spent quite a bit of money to obtain your collector cars. It only makes sense to ensure they remain protected by acquiring classic collectors insurance for your vintage vehicles. Every policy is different, and certain items will need to be considered in order to determine what you need to pay.

What Constitutes “Classic”

Everyone has their own definition of what is considered a classic vehicle. Some agencies may only consider vehicles that are at least 25 years old to be classic while others only require a vehicle to be 10 years old. Of course, the make and model of the vehicle also needs to be considered.

Any Modifications

Is your vintage car exactly the way it is when it rolled off the lot or have certain modifications been made? This may affect the kind of coverage you are able to get. When you speak with an agent, you will need to bring to light what alterations have been made, if any.

Where It Is Kept

This may seem minor, but whether you have a garage can play a big role in the amount of coverage you receive. Many insurance companies want to know where this vehicle will be kept most of the time.

Bring as much information as you can to your consultation so that an agent will be able to help you get the best classic collectors insurance for your needs. Afterward, you can drive around with peace of mind.