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Business insurance for banks

How Cyber Attacks Can Cost Banks

Banks have a lot of business to deal with throughout the course of a day. Technology has been developed to make working at a bank easier, though it is a truism that despite is benefits technology is not always solely helpful. Indeed, sometimes technology can expose banks to liabilities, which is why a bank should consider how business insurance for banks can help protect them from issues that may be concomitant to using technology.

Cyber crimes usually follow certain patterns. Sometimes the person responsible for your website may unwittingly use copyright material, incurring penalties against your business. Bugs are oftentimes exploited to gain access to your information, which could be quite costly. In a similar category, breaches in general, whether to intimidate or gain monetary benefits, are among the most common types of cyber attacks.

Cyber liability falls into two categories, generally speaking. When the bank is exposed to losses as a result of a cyber attack, it is called a first-party loss. The insurance claims that are included in this category are: getting your data back, investigations into the crime and the costs of not doing business during down time.This is opposed to a third-party loss, which is a cost incurred by a third-party in connection to the technological liability that the bank is expected to pay.

Banks can be exposed to various liabilities via technology. Business insurance for banks can help protect against some of the issues articulated above.

insurance agency in New Mexico

Tips for Finding the Best Oil and Gas Insurance for Your Company

New Mexico is one of the leaders in oil and gas production in the United States, and the industry is an essential component of the state’s revenue. However, there are risks inherent in the extraction, refinement and delivery of fossil fuels from technological, environmental and economic factors. It is essential for oil and gas companies to work with an insurance agency in New Mexico to obtain effective coverage in the event of trouble.

Before purchasing a policy, it is important to brainstorm about the industry-related perils that are most likely to affect your business. This will help you develop a clear picture of the losses you may face.

Next, communicate with your insurance company. Discuss the policies available to you and get a sense of the coverage options offered by each policy. Then, compare your expected risks with the risk coverage presented in each insurance package. This step may allow you to identify the policy most suitable for your business.

Last but not least, don’t underinsure. Though insurance may seem expensive in the short term, footing the bill for uninsured losses can be devastating. An insurance agency in New Mexico can help you find the right policy to protect your property, employees and clients in the growing, ever-changing oil and gas industry.

professional liability insurance in Austin, TX

How Professional Liability Rates Are Determined

When a policy for professional liability insurance in Austin, TX, is being drawn up, the agent will look at a variety of factors to help put together the cost of the policy. While the amount and type of coverage do play into the final rate, they are not the only factors. In fact, there are three main factors that are considered to tailor a policy cost for each professional.

Claim History

A company will always look at your claim history. If you make a lot of claims, it will raise your risk because it makes you more likely to submit more claims in the future. Any claim made costs your insurance company money.

Your Procedures

The company wants to see that you have procedures in place to protect you. They want you to be proactive and to be doing everything you can to make sure that you don’t have any claims filed against you.

Your Practice Area

The professional area you are in will also affect costs. This is because some professionals are more likely to have cases brought against them than others.

While you can’t control many of the factors that will be used to determine the cost of your professional liability insurance in Austin, TX, being aware of them can help anyway. It is always nice to be able to understand why you are being given a specific price.

Dry cleaning insurance

Targeted Insurance for Dry Cleaners

Choosing a firm to provide insurance products to your business means more than just hiring a service. You’re getting a business partner that will support you when you need it the most. Whether it’s due to a utility interruption or an unforeseen accident at your facility like a fire, make sure you’re covered for any loss of business that may occur. However, dry cleaning insurance involves much more than just protection against business interruptions. Any company experienced working with dry cleaning companies as well as insurers focused on uniform rental or commercial laundry will have the portfolios you need to cover your greatest risks, even the ones you don’t know about.

The more that you’ve specialized your dry cleaning business, the more you need a targeted dry cleaning insurance package. A good company will offer umbrella policies along with products that focus on the risks specific to the industry like soil contamination or mysterious disappearance of customer goods. These policies are also available tailored to the needs of property owners who will be offering tenancy to laundry operations. In a business environment that is changing quickly with the development of new materials and the introduction of more stringent regulations, it’s important to go with an insurance company that’s weathered the changes in the past and come out on top.

new jersey contractors insurance

Specialized Industry, Specialized Protection

As a contractor, you take on unique risks and challenges not found in other commercial industries. As such, you need insurance that understands your liabilities and offers the right kind of coverage. In New Jersey, contactors insurance is vital to the protection of your company, and can help your business expand by providing targeted coverage at an agreeable rate.

Not Your Typical Commercial Policy

Unlike standard commercial general liability insurance, contractors insurance offers specialized coverage that incorporates the risks of construction. Your general liability policy, therefore, should be anchored with additional products, such as

  • builders risk
  • workers compensation
  • business interruption
  • pollution liability, and more

One-on-One Attention With Your Agent

Throughout New Jersey, contractors insurance is helping construction companies save money and become better protected. However, no two agencies are alike, and you should find one that is willing to work with you closely to determine the best fitting policy for your business. You want an agent who takes the time to visit your projects, thoroughly valuing and assessing your risk. This way, you only get the coverage that you need, without paying for that which you don’t. This saves you money, while keeping you better protected.

Contact your local New Jersey contractors insurance agency today. Find out how you can start saving on insurance costs while receiving more comprehensive coverage.

New Jersey Small Business Workers Compensation

The Keys to Finding Small Business Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

Finding the right New Jersey small business workers’ compensation can be challenging, especially the insurance market is changing rapidly, in some ways leaving your small business in the dust. However, if you work with the right brokers and agents, then you’ll have no difficulties gaining preferred access to some of the best insurers in the market, and the best agents and brokers provide creative solutions to get the most specific coverage possible so that you don’t have to waste money on general services that you would never need.

In addition to finding the agency that can get you access to the best markets through long standing connections, you need an agent who understands the specific risks of being an artisan, running a beauty shop, managing a dental practice, working in retail or any other type of small business. If all the risks that your employees and clients face are properly covered and your agent can get quick insurance turnaround times, then you’ll never have to worry about your business being drastically slowed by an accident or injury. Look for all of these qualities when searching for New Jersey small business workers’ compensation coverage to give your employees and even your clients the services and treatment that they deserve. Earn their trust and satisfaction and your business will remain healthy for a very long time.

Michigan business insurance

Business Insurance: Prevent Your Dreams From Getting Dashed

You’ve worked hard to build a great product or service. You’ve given your blood, sweat and tears, and being a business owner has become your livelihood. Can you imagine if all of it was lost because of a situation that could’ve been prevented? Michigan business insurance can be vital to the health of your company.

It’s easy to believe that risk mainly lies in fostering a client base and maintaining a flow of income. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as there is always be the possibility of someone or something causing a financial hardship for your company. You can’t avoid it. Luckily, there are policies that address an array of situations such as an injury occurring on your premises, an employee or third party alleging discrimination, a client believing a service you provided caused them financial loss, an unforeseen event such as fire or theft destroying property and a hacker gaining access to your computer network.

It’s worth noting that you not only have the ability to get the right coverage in place, but also some guidance as to how to mitigate risk. Many insurance specialists can perform an analysis of your organization, identify your exposures and offer strategies for risk management and loss prevention. Plus, as the propensity for a claim against you changes or evolves, a good consultant will be able to adjust your program accordingly. Don’t underestimate the importance of Michigan business insurance and make sure to secure future of your company.

Hired non-owned uto insurance

Why Every Business Needs Hired Non-Owned Auto Insurance

There Is no great mystery why you need auto insurance if you own your vehicle, whether a personal or company car. However, not many business owners give sufficient thought to hired non-owned auto insurance and what it can mean for their business. You may have an entire fleet of cars covered with a comprehensive insurance policy, send an employee out to bring back lunch in a hired car when there are no other available cars, only to find that an accident happens. This is also a concern if your employees travel for business frequently and need to rent cars.

Policies for hired non-owned auto insurance vary from those that cover cars your company owns. You may not be able to cover damage to the car itself, but you can be insured in case of bodily harm of an employee and damage to property or merchandise within the car. This can be particularly important if you use a hired car for deliveries of valuable items.

Speak to an insurance agent about hired non-owned auto insurance for your business. The kind of insurance you get depends on how many hired vehicle you use and their purpose. Even if hired cars are used only for business trips, don’t neglect this type of insurance coverage, because you can’t control what does not happen on the premises.


surety bonds pennsylvania

3 Reasons you Need Surety Bonds for Your Next Project

If you’re getting ready to begin any construction-based project which involved other parties like contractors and subcontractors, you should consider using surety bonds in Pennsylvania to make sure that all parties are meeting their respective ends of the bargain. While it seems like it’d be simpler just to work on the honor system, there are risks inherent in these types of agreements that can really come back to bite you financially as the owner of the property. There are several reasons why you should use these services, some of the most important including:

  • In the event that a contractor fails to pay subcontractors and other parties they’ve recruited for the project, you’ll be held financially responsible. You can remedy this with a surety bond.
  • If you complete the project and then begun experiencing issues with the work that’s been completed, you may be unable to seek repairs if you haven’t written up a guarantee through a surety bond.
  • Without a surety bond, there’s never a surefire way to guarantee that your contractors will complete the work according to the terms and conditions you’ve agreed upon.

Overall, surety bonds in Pennsylvania are the ideal way to ensure that you’re able to complete your project without a hassle, and they you get the quality construction that you’ve been waiting for.

employment practices liability

What You Need to Know About Employment Practices Liability

We all have heard about high profile cases and news stories in which employees make claims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination. A company can lose a great deal of money if such claims are proven to be true, and can suffer on behalf of the actions of a few people in a department. The situation may be even more disturbing in the case of a staffing agency that is being sued on behalf of the actions of a client off-site. This is one reason you need employee practices liability insurance to make sure you are insulated from the problems that can result from these claims.

You may do your best to screen your applicants and choose appropriate clients without any history of complaints, but still, a claim of unfair employment practices can come out of the blue. Be prepared with a policy that covers you no matter what the circumstances. Talk to an insurance agent about options for an individual policy, deductibles, a comprehensive policy or umbrella liability insurance. You should also make sure you are insured in case an applicant suffers from bodily harm or property damage at the workplace.

You do your best to place the most qualified applicants in workplaces that suit them, but you can’t be everywhere. If something inappropriate happens with a client, feel more secure with employment practices liability insurance.