Bonds and Insurance for Contractors and Subcontractors

Moody Insurance

Consulting businesses and other service contractors are becoming a larger and more diverse group of industry niches than ever before. Specialization allows companies to take advantage of scale efficiencies, to the point where many businesses now find subcontracting more profitable than building their own infrastructure for many key resources. If you operate in this sphere, your risk management tools are a big part of your ethos. They’re how you demonstrate to customers that you’ve got them covered, even if something goes wrong during the course of the contract. It sets their mind at ease by showing them something guarantees just can’t.

Finding the Insurance and Surety Bonds for Your Business

Bonding insurance isn’t hard to find, but shopping for the right fit is still important because there are many types of surety bond, and it’s very likely that if you need one, you’ll need others at some point. Bid, performance, and payment bonds are all interrelated, and it’s not surprising many companies need them all. If you’re new to this kind of insurance, learning from providers like Moody Insurance who publish clear information about how different bond products work is a great way to get your research in before you commit to seeking bids for various bond types. Remember, like all financial products, cost-efficiencies do tend to show up when you develop an ongoing relationship with a provider.