insurance marketing organizations

Successful Planning Leads to Successful Strategies

In order to expand your business you’ll need to come up with marketing ideas that are going to help your agency grow. This often requires the help of insurance marketing organizations that know how to lead you to becoming more successful. They can help you to set goals, but you’ll also need to set a benchmark, the place where your agency is starting, and start charting your growth.


It’s important to be able to identify which ideas you set in motion that have worked for your agency and which ones didn’t, so in any future plans, you don’t waste unnecessary time or money on marketing plans that really didn’t get the desired results.


Ways in which to determine your agency’s benchmark


You need to examine your current sales, in both dollars and number of policies sold for the year, who your current clients are, and what made them decide to go with your agency. Are there things your agency offers that competitors don’t, or can’t? These considerations can help you establish how your agency differs from your competition and where you may need to improve.


Once you’ve established your benchmark, it’s time to start thinking about setting some goals. It pays to know where you’re headed and can help to make your marketing concepts more effective. Set specific goals and note when you have achieved each one. This is perhaps the best way to measure your successes.


Some time should be spent focusing on new sales while also working on other areas of your agency like renewals/retention, customer service, cross-selling opportunities, and referrals, as well as reviews and testimonials. One area that shouldn’t go overlooked in a marketing plan is your faithful, and valuable employees. They are just as much a part of the audience you’ll need to market to as are your current clients and prospects, especially since they’re a vital piece of the puzzle in implementing your marketing plan.


Your agents should focus on email blasts, quote forms, social media, the monthly newsletter, and any other ways you can think of to connect with prospects and clients. Working with insurance marketing organizations can get you moving in the right direction but the rest is still up to you.


Liability insurance for dogs

Protect Yourself With Insurance for Your Dog

Millions of Americans are bitten each year by dogs. This is a problem not only for the victim, but also for the pet owner. No one wants to pay legal and medical bills out of pocket while they are dealing with a sad accident. Liability insurance for dogs comes into play for this and other reasons. Consider the following:

  • Many landlords are reluctant to rent to dog owners because of potential problems.
  • Most insurance packages do not cover common occurrences linked to dogs.
  • Medical and liability claims are expensive, currently costing Americans more than 400 million dollars per year.

There is no reason to run unnecessary risk when liability insurance for dogs is now available.

Wide Coverage for the Best Protection

Getting pet liability insurance is a wise investment with multiple benefits. These are some features of liability insurance for dogs:

  • Coverage in 49 out of 50 states
  • No deductible
  • Option to add landlord as an additional insured
  • Coverage of medical and legal defense costs
  • Individual underwriting to prevent exclusion of specific breeds

You and your dog are never fully protected from unfortunate accidents. Your dog could run out an unattended door, jump the fence, or even be stolen from your backyard. In that case, liability insurance for your dog is just what you need.

marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler

Wholesale Insurance for Marine Clients

Your clients trust you to find the right insurance for their marine manufacturing needs. They expect you to bring them the right coverage to protect their business no matter what happens. When you’re looking to work with a marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler, it’s important to consider the protections that might be specific to your client’s business.

Protection With Experience

A marine manufacturing company is a very specific type of business that sits in a category all its own. You don’t want to cover a business that unique with a one-size-fits-all business insurance plan that may leave them high and dry when disaster strikes. The right marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler should be a company that works exclusively with marine-based clients like marinas, yacht clubs, and marine manufacturing companies. Look for a provider with:


  • Years of experience working specifically with marine clients
  • Strong familiarity with the marine industry, professionally and personally
  • Multiple options for each type of client
  • Plans that can grow and change with your client’s business

Finding a marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler to serve your clients’ needs may be easier than you think. When you work with a company that specializes in clients like yours, they can help you to create a unique plan that fits the unique business model you’ve been tasked to insure.

insurance programs for marine manufacturing

What Is Marine Manufacturing Insurance?

Marine manufacturing companies can be in danger of losing significant time and money in the face of a disaster. There are many insurance programs for marine manufacturing which can protect the risks of disaster, injury, or breakdown. Manufacturing businesses should have business liability insurance to protect them from risks many businesses might face. General liability insurance can protect a business from liability due to injuries and accidents. Business interruption insurance can pay for the cost of the business being closed due to disasters like tornados. Another coverage related to disasters and catastrophes is loss of income insurance, which can pay for the income not earned during a closing due to disaster.

Businesses also should have insurance to cover their property and assets. If an accident or disaster occurs, property insurance can pay for the cost to replace or repair the damage. Marine property insurance can also cover watercraft, piers, wharves, docks, and damage at boat shows or exhibitions. The marine manufacturing industry faces unique risks which other industries might not have. Pollution insurance can pay for damages and cleanup costs. Equipment breakdown insurance can cover replacement or repair of damaged equipment and property damaged by the breakdown of that equipment. Protection and indemnity is a type of insurance designed specifically to cover injury or damage due to the use of watercraft. A qualified insurance professional who specializes in insurance programs for marine manufacturing can help you choose the right insurance programs for your business.

dentists’ workers’ comp

Tips to Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

For businesses, insurance can be one of the largest expenses. While there are outside forces which may cause your premiums to rise, there are way to reduce the number of claims your company has to file. This can help keep your premiums more manageable. A dentist’s office has many hazards which can cause injuries to employees. Here are some tips to keep dentists’ workers’ comp claims from becoming out of control.

  • When hiring new employees, make sure they can perform the duties they are being hired for.
  • Do a background check on new employees.
  • Provide safety training on all equipment.
  • Establish preventative measures to reduce accidents.
  • Promptly investigate accidents and injuries.
  • Work with your insurance provider to get employees back to work as soon as possible.

Every business with employees should carry workers’ compensation insurance. As an employer, you should not sit back and assume your employees are complying with all preventative measures. You need to be proactive to ensure injuries don’t occur on the job. Your dentist’s workers’ comp insurance agency should provide you with even more tips to prevent specific injuries. Don’t wait until someone is hurt on the job to look at your insurance policy. Make sure you have the right insurance company to help you find the best pricing with service and claims handling to get the most out of your insurance dollars.

Dog owner liability insurance

Choosing the Right Policy for Dog Bite Insurance

There is always a risk that your dog could bite someone no matter how docile he or she is at home. When you have liability insurance for this, is an incident happens, you are protected. The key is finding the right dog owner liability insurance policy for your needs.

If you have homeowner’s insurance, this might cover dog bite liability, but if not, you will want to get a separate policy. Even if your home policy does cover it, a second policy certainly cannot hurt to ensure that you are fully protected.

When you are looking at policies, see if there are any breed specifications or requirements. This could vary by state since some states consider certain breeds, such as Pit Bulls, more dangerous than others.

Look at what the policy covers and what the claims process is like. You want to know exactly what your policy covers, such as medical costs and lost wages. It is also important to know from the beginning how to submit a claim because should a bite happen, you want to start this immediately.

You can easily head to the internet to look into the various policies available for dog owner liability insurance. Just make sure that your chosen company is reputable and that the policy covers all of your needs.

Hired non-owned auto insurance

Amp Up Your Staffing Agency’s Auto Insurance Protection

It’s not unusual for staffing agency employees to drive their own cars for business purposes, either for the agency or for a client. Don’t mistakenly assume that all auto liability will be covered under an employee’s personal policy. In today’s increasingly litigious climate, claims for injury or damages are often filed against multiple sources. Staffing agencies can be liable for the performance of their employees’ while on the job, i.e. while driving, and for negligence associated with an employee’s operation or use of a vehicle. Hired non-owned auto insurance fills gaps in coverage that are not included in a personal auto policy.

What Are the Risks Associated With Employees on the Road?

The limits of liability on personal auto insurance can be quite low. If your employee has opted for a bare-bones policy, then the staffing agency could be sued for damages that exceed the policy limits. An accident involving multiple cars and serious injuries can easily become a costly situation. Injuries to a passenger in the employee’s vehicle also may not be covered by a personal policy, making the staffing agency liable for those medical costs as well. Hired non-owned auto insurance is an easy solution to removing the risk involved with employees on the road.

Here are some additional ways to ensure safer driving situations.

  • Know which employees are driving personal vehicles for work assignments.
  • Verify that all drivers have an up-to-date license.
  • Check driving records and proof of insurance when hiring new employees.

An insurance provider that specializes in staffing agencies can guide you in selecting the right hired non-owned auto policy for your company.


insurance agents for workers’ comp

Why Your Small Business Needs Workers’ Comp Coverage

Most businesses that stay open long enough face an employee injury at some point. An employee could slip, fall, get into a transportation accident, or a faulty piece of equipment could cause harm. Even offices filled with cubicles and not much else can pose a threat. That’s why small business owners should talk to insurance agents for workers’ comp coverage.

Consider what your business would do if such an employee were seriously injured or even killed at work. Could you pay for medical expenses outright? What about a lawsuit? If your business, like most, doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, it’s time to get workers’ comp.

Most states require some form of workers’ comp coverage, although Texas does not. However, even the minimum requirement might not be enough to cover the financial loss of an employee injury. Like with car insurance, the minimum just fulfils your legal obligation but may not provide the coverage you truly need.

Instead of relying on the legal minimum to keep your finances intact, talk to insurance agents about workers’ comp and what kind of policy is right for your business. A specialized agent can give you unique insights and show you policies that can protect your business in the case of an employee’s injury and lawsuit.

fine dining insurance

Tailoring Your Restaurant Insurance Policy

Depending on where you are in the country, some fine dining insurance packages can be required. Typically, those packages include general liability insurance and unemployment insurance. Beyond those options, how do you know what other coverages are best for your business? It can be easy to find yourself spiraling down a “what if” hole, so here are a few suggestions to keep your bundle concise and effective.

First think about your location. What’s the weather like? If your area is prone to extreme weather like tornados, hurricanes and floods, you may want to consider food contamination insurance. Food contamination insurance covers perishable food items that spoil when the power goes out from a natural disaster. Property insurance coverage is another option worth considering if the weather in your area is particularly destructive.

Do you have a company car? Do your employees drive their own car for your business? Commercial auto insurance and hired auto insurance are great options to consider if the answer to those questions is “yes”. No one ever expects a car accident, but when they happen, it is always best to be prepared.
Weather, bad luck, and even local crime rates are all good things to consider when deciding which fine dining insurance policies will be most useful to you. Listing your needs and meeting those needs through tailored policies can offer peace of mind.

Dangerous dog insurance

Why Your New Pet May Make Your Homeowner’s Insurance Skyrocket

Although most dogs are loving and sweet, some breeds are judged by their bloodlines. Because of your dog’s breed, your homeowner’s insurance company may decide that your dog is a danger and a future claim risk. Dangerous dog insurance can be difficult to obtain with traditional homeowner’s insurance policies, and if they do offer you coverage, you may have to pay a premium for it.

There are many dog breeds that tend to be singled out by insurance companies as high-risk. Breeds like Pitbulls, Dobermans, wolf hybrids (even if they look nothing like a wolf), Akitas, Great Danes, Huskies, Boxers, German Shepherds, and Chow Chows are targeted often. As a homeowner with one of these breeds, or even a mutt that is part one of these types of dogs, you may have to look into an alternate dangerous dog insurance policy, rather than rely on your homeowner’s policy.

Sadly, even though your dog may be the gentlest, sweetest dog in your neighborhood, you may still have to deal with this issue. Smaller breeds may be more likely to have aggression issues (although many dog owners will tell you that no breed is more likely to bite than another), but larger breeds tend to be of more concern simply because if they do attack, they can be more likely to cause serious injury or death.”