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Do You Need Flood Insurance?

To get the most out of your home, you must preserve its condition, value and comfort. If your home sustains damage during a fire, earthquake, storm or criminal activity, insurance in Torrance can cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Did you know, however, that ordinary policies may not reimburse you for damage caused by water? Ask your insurance provider how flood insurance can help you better protect your home.

Your Mortgage Lender May Require Flood Coverage

While some homeowners may choose not to purchase flood insurance, your mortgage lender may require you to carry it. If you fail to do so, you risk breaching your lending contract.

You May Live in a Flood Zone

If you live in a flood zone, it is probably only a matter of time before your home sustains flood damage. As such, you should be certain you have enough coverage to protect your housing investment when waters rise. Check out the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood-zone map to see if you life in an area prone to flooding.

Perhaps the best way to know if you need flood insurance in Torrance is to speak with a qualified insurance agent. Because skilled insurers understand the local market and your unique risks, they are usually able to recommend comprehensive insurance for your real estate.

single premium whole life insurance quote

What Kind of Premium Do I Need?

No one likes to think about death. It isn’t something that you want to spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon talking about and planning. If, however, you want to make sure your family is taken care of after your death, then the time to start getting a plan together is now. When looking at different options, it’s easy to get confused. What is a single premium whole life insurance quote?

Asking your insurance representative for a premium quote is an excellent place to start. Quotes are based on various factors one of which is how much money would you like to leave behind. If you look at your family’s current financial situation and weigh that against what they would need to be comfortable in the event of your death, it will give you a starting point. A premium is an amount you are required to pay to get the coverage you need. A single premium is paid in one amount and not broken up into payments. It’s a lump-sum option that will immediately give you the life insurance coverage you need.

When speaking to your insurance company and mulling over policy choices, consider getting a single premium whole life insurance quote. Should the unexpected happen, it guarantees your family will be taken care of immediately because of your choice to pay the premium in full. That is something that will give you peace of mind as you move forward in life.

Tail insurance

Why Tail Coverage Matters To Risk Management After Retirement

When you’re retiring the last thing on your mind might be risk management. Unlike auto insurance claims that are typically filed very quickly after an accident, E&O claims may not be filed until much later. When your claims-made policy ends, you may not be covered in the event of a lawsuit because there is a reporting limit to your policy. Tail insurance extends this limit to ensure that your retirement is not hindered by a lawsuit.

Tail Policies Protect Your Assets

Tail insurance gives you another two to five years of E&O insurance protection against claims made on your insurance. It does not protect you against current claims. Without tail coverage insurance, you could be liable for all the costs and damages associated with a lawsuit. Risk management has to be a concern even into your retirement years.

Discuss Tail Insurance With Your Insurer

Ask your insurer about tail coverage insurance before you end your E&O policy. You may get a free period of tail insurance on your retirement, but you should know the conditions. You may also want to ask for a longer extension on the tail coverage policy. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have covered your bases against lawsuits to prevent unneeded stress in retirement.

commercial launderers insurance

Insurance to Best Serve Commercial Laundering Customers

The commercial laundering industry is highly customer-oriented. In order to effectively take care of a customer’s garments and their personal health, it is important that the business’ commercial launderers insurance policy likewise accounts for the emergency needs of the customers. To meet this standard, the policy should include such coverage as bailee and products and completed operations insurance.

Bailee Coverage for Commercial Launderers

When a customer hands over his or her laundry to the cleaners, it then becomes the legal responsibility of the business to ensure that the garments do not become damaged. Be sure to select an insurance policy that includes bailee coverage across all operations, including in-storage, works in progress, and human error.

Policies for Products and Completed Operations

Commercial launderers insurance can also protect businesses against claims if a client has a physical reaction to cleaning products used on his or her clothing. Just as families carefully select laundry soaps to avoid rashes or outbreaks caused by chemical allergies, laundering services are held accountable for using products that are safe for their clients’ health.

When laundry company respect their customers and their clothes, their business succeeds. This goes beyond face-to-face interactions and day-to-day transactions, and extends to emergency insurance needs. Protect your clients with a superior and comprehensive commercial launderers insurance policy.

fiduciary liability insurance claim examples

When Every Action You Do Has the Potential to Change Lives

In every job, there is a certain risk of causing potential harm to either your client or yourself. In the world of financial trustees, the cause of harm could come from a wrong signature, procrastination or even adding numbers incorrectly. Because of the weight of the position, people’s lives could change dramatically if every duty is not carried out carefully and without error. Take a look at some of the fiduciary liability insurance claim examples out there and it becomes very clear that the appropriate insurance protection is the best defense.

One Wrong Move Could Change Everything

There are many reasons why a trustee may make a misstep when dealing with the retirement, pension or investment funds of those represented:

  • Not rechecking numbers or considering all data when compiling information
  • No sense of urgency when calculating numbers
  • Not following proper protocol when dealing with forms and signatures
  • Not advising correctly when investing into companies

All of these are actual fiduciary liability insurance claim examples, which together totaled over $6,000,000. People make mistakes, whether through negligence or misinformation. Regardless of the reason, having the best protective policy in place when such an error occurs will protect everyone involved.

When considering the right insurance company for supplying your policy needs, look for one that will represent you with the most accommodating results for your business. Check out fiduciary liability insurance claim examples and you will understand why that is so important!

manufacturer insurance in Orlando

What To Know When Searching For Coverage For Your Business

Are you searching for a manufacturer insurance in Orlando? Before you get started, here are a few pointers to help you make the best decision for your organization.

Get Coverage For Your Employees

Most states require that you carry workers compensation insurance. If an employee is injured while on the job, rather than the business being exposed to a lawsuit, any missed wages or medical treatment will be covered under workers compensation. Even if your state does not require it, you should sign up for this coverage anyway.

Get Coverage For Your Entire Business

You should get general liability coverage to keep your business protected against any lawsuits from your employees or anyone else. These coverages include property damage, which protects your property in case it’s damaged by one of your employees, and bodily injury, which covers your business in case an injury or death to a third party is caused by one of your employees.

General liability coverage not only covers the medical bills, but also covers any legal fees that may arise from such incidents.

Get Coverage For Your Property

You can get insurance for any physical equipment or structures with commercial property insurance. Whether it’s data loss, theft or any other forms of property damage, you will be covered with this type of insurance.

Now that you know the basics, you can make better sense of your options when you search for manufacturer insurance in Orlando.

nursing homes workers’ compensation plans

Is a Workers’ Comp Wholesaler the Right Choice for Your Agency?

Insurance is a competitive, fluctuating industry. There are ongoing state regulatory changes that impact pricing and coverage. Staying on the cutting edge is a challenge at times, especially in the area of nursing homes workers’ compensation plans. This is where a wholesaler can step in and add value. This type of provider is a viable option for growing and retaining your customer base.

Access to Top Carriers

In many cases, wholesalers have longevity in the field. As a result, they have long-standing relationships with the top-tier carriers. Essentially, their extensive network becomes yours as well. The best partnership option is an agency that specializes in workers’ compensation. This ensures you’ll receive the best coverage solutions for your nursing home clients. It also enhances your marketing efforts.

Diverse Coverage Plans

Agents and brokers need a variety of coverage plans. Every nursing home has its own distinct needs and challenges. Wholesale agencies specializing in workers’ comp understand these issues. This is why they can offer a wide range of nursing homes workers’ compensation plans. The retrospective rating plans and large deductible plans are popular policy options.

Healthcare is an ever-changing sector. This is why carrier access and policy options are important. Consider partnering with a workers’ comp wholesaler. Doing so can help you exceed your clientele’s expectations and give you a competitive edge.

Resort hotel associations liability programs

What Kind of Liability Coverage Does a Hotel Need?

All businesses need general liability coverage, but each industry comes with its own unique liability needs. Resort hotel associations liability programs are designed to cater to the needs of the hospitality industry.

When disaster strikes, a hotel’s general liability policy may not cover all the legal costs associated with making the victims of said disaster whole again. Commercial umbrella liability can extend the liability coverage of the hotel association in the event that a catastrophe such as a fire leads to injury or death of anyone on the property.

Resort hotel associations liability programs often include cyber liability. Hotels are privy to an immense amount of sensitive information about guests. If there is a security breach and that information is stolen, the cyber liability policy can cover legal fees and any compensation that the court awards the plaintiffs.

Directors & officers liability insurance offers a broader scope of coverage than general liability. This is particularly important to hotel associations who may be held liable not only for the actions of association members but also those working on behalf of the association, such as outside contractors.

Like all businesses, hotel have their own needs when it comes to liability coverage. The comprehensive coverage of a package specifically designed for the industry protects hotel associations whenever legal issues arise.

fraternal benefit society insurance

The Fraternal Alternative

In a diverse economic landscape, alternative options have become one of the most attractive ways for companies to gain new customers. The life insurance world is no different. One often overlooked alternative is to obtain coverage through a fraternal benefit society insurance company.

There are three typical organizations for life insurance companies:

  • Mutual companies
  • Stock companies
  • Fraternal societies

Mutual companies are owned by their policyholders. Stock companies are owned by their stockholders. Fraternal organizations are non-profit organizations set up to benefit families and individuals through mutual aid. These companies can be based around a religion, profession or ethnic group.

This concept found its beginning in the late 1800s when many immigrant groups found they had limited options for benefits and services they needed. The early societies provided opportunities for families to meet for charitable and social occasions while offering benefits for disability, prolonged illness or death.

Fraternal benefit society insurance companies today frequently offer life and annuity products with options and advantages not offered by traditional life insurance companies. Since these organizations are created around a specific group, all members of the group find products that are best suited to and of the most value to them as individuals. Some groups offer special orphan income benefits or reduced cost availability of products or services.

insurance broker for commercial

Insurance for Commercial Entities

Most people are familiar with insurance in one sense or another. Car insurance is a mandatory addition to any legal automobile on the roads in America, and health insurance is a common benefit offered by employers. Commercial entities can also be insured. Finding the right insurance broker for commercial coverage is important to the success and security of any business venture. This type of insurance is often referred to as commercial lines insurance, and it can greatly reduce risk that’s inherent in many types of businesses.

Plans that protect businesses from catastrophic monetary implications from lawsuits or natural disasters are common examples of this type of insurance. Protection can also be bought that is industry specific. Aircraft insurance is available as well as boat or marine insurance or automobile coverage for fleet or business vehicles. Doctors can benefit from malpractice insurance lines and workers compensation insurance is available for business of all types.

An insurance broker for commercial line coverage should offer competitive rates for the type of plan you’re considering purchasing. The broker needs to be professional and accommodating while providing pertinent information to help the purchaser make an informed decision. One should consider the extent of coverage, the term of the policy, and the factors that can contribute to a rate hike.