Avoiding Renters Fraud Insurance Claims

Not everyone who commits insurance fraud does so intentionally. If you lease property, then it is possible that you may make mistakes that result in renters fraud claims. Avoiding errors can help you prevent future legal repercussions.

Common Types of Claims

Regardless of your location, there are certain types of claims that you may need to make, including:

  • Injury
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire

While the claims that result from these situations may seem straightforward, your specific circumstances can dictate how you file the claim. There may be overlap in some areas. For example, a theft that also involves arson will be different than one that accompanies vandalism.

Fraudulent Activity

Exaggerating the value of losses or falsely claiming damages on an insurance claim are fraudulent activities. Other ways of committing insurance fraud are through providing misleading information to an insurance company when purchasing the policy or exaggerating the cost of replacements or repairs.


When filing a claim, it is important that you fill out the paperwork correctly. Falsifying information can result in penalties, such as:

  • Criminal charges
  • Fines
  • Fees
  • Jail time
  • Criminal record

Whether you lease property for work or everyday housing needs, you should ensure that you have adequate insurance in place. You should keep the policy updated with changes as they occur and provide accurate information when making a claim.