As a Restaurant Owner, Are You Required to Provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance exists to provide medical coverage and a few other protections for employees if they’ve been hurt on the job. For example, restaurant owners workers’ compensation may cover an employee’s lost wages for time off he or she needed to take to recover from an injury that occurred at the restaurant, as well as costs for treatment. Workers compensation allows employees to receive the medical care they need even if they dont have their own medical insurance.

State laws may vary, but generally every employee who has more than a certain number of workers is required to provide workers’ compensation. Workers comp not only protects employees, but it can protect employers as well from being sued and other inconveniences. It can give you peace of mind knowing that your employee will be able to get effective medical care after an injury at work.

There are many opportunities for an employee to get injured in a restaurant setting. Slips and falls are common, as well as burns and injuries from equipment. Injuries that show up from repetitive movement or strain are also common among restaurant workers who carry trays of food or lift heavy boxes. Since an injury can happen without warning, its vital to carry restaurant owners workers compensation insurance. Workers comp doesnt have to be complicated or expensive for restaurant owners. There are plans available specifically to suit the restaurant industry.