ARM 2 Key Ways To Protect Taxi Drivers

Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers see a lot of things during the course of their shift, and all too often, acts of violence can be commonplace. It can be more difficult to handle a dangerous situation when faced with the threat than to proactively plan ahead for such unfortunate situations. Here are two safety tips for those who are employed as cab drivers.

1. Remain Visible

You can reduce the risk of falling victim to violence by increasing the line of sight into your vehicle. Keep your taxi parked in a well-lit area while waiting on passengers and avoid parking in low traffic areas and away from public view. Don’t crowd the windows with placards or signs and watch how dark the window tinting it. People should be able to see in or out easily.

2. Watch Your Cash Stash

While it may be necessary to carry some cash on your shift, the less you have in the taxi the safer you may be. In addition to making deposits as often as you can, switch to a cashless system that allows passengers to pay electronically. Post a sign on the vehicle to indicate limited cash on hand or if all possible, don’t carry or accept cash at all.

Perhaps the greatest way to reduce the risk of violence is to install cameras, bullet-resistant barriers, or a silent alarm system. With these taxi driver safety tips, you have some evidence detailing the crime or means of attracting help if a dangerous situation arises.