Additional Options Available for Your Homeowners Insurance in Connecticut

When you are looking for homeowners insurance in Connecticut, there are various factors to take into consideration. Your priority is protecting your home in the event of liability or damage, but there are many other choices available to you. Learning what is and is not included in a conventional plan can mean the difference between reconstructing your home and replacing your personal belongings on your own, or as a benefit of your homeowners insurance policy.

Personal Liability and Replacement Value of Your Home

An insurance specialist can help you determine the preferred amount of Personal Liability coverage to include in your homeowners policy. The value fluctuates based on the value of your assets.

You can also add extended Replacement Value coverage to ensure that your home is rebuilt to the same standards as the original construction, including quality of materials and appearance of your home.

Amount of Personal Property and Special Coverages

All-risk replacement value coverage ensures full replacement of your personal property, often with no deduction for depreciation. Expensive possessions, such as collectibles, jewelry and art are typically covered separately.

High-risk assets, including pools, fences and sheds, are usually covered minimally under standard homeowners policies. With a Special Coverage policy, you are adequately covered for these types of assets.

Working with an insurance carrier who specializes in homeowners insurance in Connecticut can ensure that you receive comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.