7 Steps for Using a Carnet

A carnet is a document that you need when you are importing goods into countries without paying customs duty. You can get either an ATA carnet, a Carnet de Passages or a TIR Carnet. Most often if you get carnets online, you are getting an ATA carnet. This is for temporary importation of equipment and goods. When you are using your carnet you should:

  1. Read the inside of the cover in order to get a better understanding of what you will need to do along each point of your trip.
  2. Collect both your personal and commercial luggage when you get ready to move through customs.
  3. Present your ATA carnet to the customs official, so they can validate the cover page and the exportation counterfoil before you leave the US.
  4. At your destination, a customs agent will have to sign and stamp the counterfoil.
  5. You will have to sign the importation voucher.
  6. Before you leave the foreign country, you will have to check in with customs and sign the re-exportation voucher.
  7. When you re-enter the US, you will have to see US Customs and Border Protection, and they will sign and stamp the re-importation counterfoil.

Remember, if you have any questions about carnets online, make sure to talk with an expert before you leave for your trip.