3 Ways To Protect Home Health Care Providers From Non Emergency Medical Transportation Liability

Home health care providers are vital to patient care. Non emergency medical transportation to bring patients to hospitals and outpatient facilities is a critical part of the healthcare process. While on the job on the road, NEMT personnel may be at risk for injuries, creating non emergency medical transportation liability for the provider.

1. Determine if Subcontractors Are Employees

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to which NEMT drivers are entitled as employees. Even if NEMT drivers are hired as as subcontractors, such personnel may be considered employees according to specific non emergency medical transportation liability criteria.

2. Mitigate Risk of On-the-Job Injuries

There are several ways to improve driver performance:

  • Advanced training in driving
  • Strong driver hiring criteria and procedures
  • Monitoring of driver performance and motor vehicle records
  • Vehicle inspecting and repair procedures

In addition, implement a NEMT fleet safety program which includes:

  • Communication of the importance of safe transportation policies
  • Documentation of management’s actions to ensure procedures are followed
  • Requirement that employees and management observe safety practices
  • Management commitment to a culture of adhering to safety protocol

3. Obtain Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance, including workers’ compensation solutions for home health care providers, demonstrates a commitment to the safety of employees. It also provides essential protection for the provider from non emergency medical transportation liability.

Home health care providers are on the frontline of patient care. These important caregivers require and deserve adequate protection for both the providers and NEMT employees.