3 Reasons Your Hemp Crop Should Be Insured

CannGen Insurance

Thanks in large part to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp regulations have eased, and the cannabis industry is booming. However, growing hemp carries its own unique set of risks. Hemp crop coverage can help you avoid losses from fire, theft, or failed crops.

1. The Weather Is Unpredictable

Even if you grow your crop indoors, the weather can still cause tremendous losses. Damage to a greenhouse and unexpected cold are just a couple of examples. Flooding can also destroy stored crops after they are harvested. According to CannGen Insurance, the right policy will protect everything from seeds to finished crops that are stored in approved buildings.

2. Seeds May End Up Being Male

If you are growing hemp for CBD, you want predominantly female plants, with only enough males to have effective pollination rates. Too many male plants in the batches of seed you purchase can result in a total loss of your crop.

3. The Crop Could Test Hot

Another risk hemp growers face is their crop testing hot. Any plants that have more than the legal limit of 0.3% THC must be destroyed. In some cases, that may be all or most of your plants.

You invest too much time, effort, and resources in growing healthy and viable crops to let something out of your control ruin it. Hemp crop coverage can help reduce the risks growers face when working with this new and emerging crop.