3 Benefits of Active Shooter Insurance

Although a rare occurrence, mass shootings have increasingly become a risk exposure that institutions must mitigate. One of the best ways of lessening the risks and dealing with potential consequences is by purchasing insurance against deadly weapons and active shooter coverage that comes with these three key coverages.

1. Liability Protection

Institutions where these shootings occur may be held liable for damages. Wrongful death, negligence, and other claims can be costly to defend. Insurance can protect against those claims, pay out for damages, and provide for the costs to defend them as well.

2. Prevention and Aftermath Assistance

A significant benefit to active shooter insurance is the additional mitigation and assistance that companies offer for policyholders. Not only will the institution have financial protection if these events occur, but it can also receive prevention training beforehand and crisis counseling services in the aftermath.

3. No Terrorism Exclusion

Many policies of all types specifically exclude acts of terrorism because they are difficult to predict and therefore difficult to rate for premium. However, insurance policies that protect against the equally rare active shooter situations in educational settings also include coverage for incidents motivated by terrorism, providing additional peace of mind.

Educational institutions are especially vulnerable to active shooter situations. With so many students gathered under one roof, it’s vital that schools and other learning environments protect and insure against these events.