Corporate Responsibility for Injured Employees

State regulations mandate the type of workers compensation insurance Orlando businesses need to provide. This insurance must be purchased by companies to provide their employees with benefits for job-related injuries or death. There are a few exceptions to the mandate, but typically this coverage allows employees to be compensated for their injuries regardless of who or what was at fault.

The rates for a company will vary significantly, as there are several factors involved with purchasing a policy. Generally, the number of employees is considered, as well as the classification of the employee job duties. The types of work performed impact the rates, with higher risk duties getting assigned a higher classification.

Companies can work to lower their insurance premiums. Safety training and precautions help reduce workplace incidents, and establishing a return-to-work program works with injured employees to rejoin their coworkers as soon as they are medically able. When companies reject injured employees complaints, they may find themselves dealing with claims from lawyers who specialize in workers compensation insurance Orlando residents aren’t receiving.

Simply carrying the minimum insurance policy may not be good enough to keep your company in good standing with state regulations and your employees. Talk to your agent and find out what risks and exposures you need to address with your workers comp package.