wind/hail insurance

Coverage for your Property During Extreme Weather Conditions

There are many things that can be done to keep your property safe and intact. Gates, locks, security, and smoke detectors are just some safeguards that may come to mind when thinking about everyday protections for average homes and businesses. However, one category of exposures that cannot simply be overlooked is natural weather phenomena. With the potential damage that can result even from high wind/hail, insurance is often a must to keep these investments protected.

How Heavy Storms Can Affect Properties

During a storm and even after it’s passed, the effects can be potentially devastating. Some that may be noticeable immediately include:

  • Cracks, dents and other structural damage to building, roofing and windows
  • Injury to inhabitants by projectile objects and hazardous debris
  • Clogged sewer systems that can lead to flooding
  • Damage to surrounding electrical sources and power lines
  • Water damage inside and around the property, including the formation of dangerous mold
  • Valuables inside the home destroyed in the aftermath

While it is impossible to control the course of nature, there are still ways to protect against it. Thorough preparation well ahead of time can save stress, money and time down the road when a storm hits. Are you prepared for torrential rain, heavy wind, hail? Insurance that addresses these issues for your property can be the best defense and a worthy investment.