Behind the Scenes on Your Premium

When you go to get an insurance quote, the agent will take many things into account before giving you an estimate. The types of insurance you require is an important factor concerning the risks involved, and quotes can vary significantly between commercial or residential requests. The job of sorting through the risks you face is left with US Risk underwriters. These highly trained individuals determine if it will be a profitable venture for the insurance company to take on your account.

Training and Experience Matter

In cases where the underwriting process isn’t automated, those employed as underwriters have significant education, training and experience working with risk assessment. It is their job to decide if a risk (offering an insurance policy) will have a negative impact on the provider. Once they receive the information from the agent, they begin the task of analyzing your situation. Their jobs include:

  • Reviewing the details of your account to determine the actual risks involved
  • Deciding on the type of policy coverage can be offered and the conditions on perils or limits
  • Establishing or changing endorsement coverage
  • Identifying proactive solutions to reduce risks in the environment

US Risk underwriters may also work with your agent to find specialized insurance approaches. They are the behind-the-scenes policy experts for all your insurance needs.