Insurance staffing agencies

Take Advantage of Expected Growth in Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is expected to continue its three percent year growth, also seen in 2018. Capitalize on the projected growth by ensuring your staffing agency has the right tools and employees to offer to prospective clients. Insurance staffing agencies can help you have the right coverage as you expand your business.

Locum Tenens

Healthcare fields are expected to slow slightly, but there is still a need for quality health professionals. Locum tenens professionals such as clergymen and physicians is expected to see a seven percent growth in 2019.


Creative and marketing positions are also expected to rise in 2019 close to seven percent. Many businesses like having a graphic designer or digital manager, but only need them for a certain period of time. Most small businesses cannot afford to hire one permanently and rely on temporary staffing for their creative projects.


Education is expected to have a seven percent growth in 2019. Support staff for public schools has risen over recent years. Positions for teaching assistants, lunchroom, monitors and tutors are some of the needed jobs.

Keeping your staffing agency on par with the changing economic trends can help your business grow and expand. Protect your investment and financial assets with insurance staffing agencies. Get the most out of your insurance by using an experienced insurance agency focused on the staffing industry.