Staffing Insurance at Its Finest

If you are looking for an insurance provider, there will be many options available. Rather than looking for the cheapest policy, look for a company that specializes in your industry. Experience and ability are worth the cost of quality coverage. The clients of Worldwide Insurance can attest to this.

Longevity is a good sign for an insurance company. Over the years, the insurance regulations, carriers, needs and prices fluctuate. A provider able to adapt to these changes and maintain a strong client base demonstrates experience and dependability.

With the Worldwide Insurance group, they have client retention numbers that top 95%. The past fifty have demonstrated their ability to identify the risks and exposures of the staffing industry and their commitment to providing comprehensive strategies to protect against them. They have amassed a client base that spans over 17,000 policies.

Policy options include:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Direct Hire
  • Owned Auto
  • Abusive Acts Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Crime Coverage

There are many services available to meet the needs of staffing companies, and the Worldwide Insurance team is more than qualified to address your situations. Carrying proper insurance is vital to the financial success of your company, as it provides the support needed in the event of a client or employee claim or lawsuit.