3 Ways to Reduce Risks in Your Valet Business

Properly insuring your valet parking business is one step to protecting the financial assets of the company and the employees. Valet insurance is not the only way to protect the risks inherent in the industry. Protecting client vehicles and property can reduce your overall risks and lower claims saving you money.

Identifiable Uniforms

Not only does a uniform make it easier for clients to know the person taking their keys works with the company, but they make the attendant more visible. By adding reflective material to their jacket or shirt, the attendant is more visible at night.

Safety Procedures

Following common driving safety procedures such as wearing a seatbelt and adjusting mirrors allows the attendant to operate the vehicle more confidently and safely. A comfortable, safe driver typically has less accidents. While critical to follow on busy streets, following safety guidelines in a parking lot can reduce the chance of an accident.

Drive Slowly

Even when the line of cars seems overly long, it is still essential attendants drive slowly. This protects the client’s vehicle and others on the road or in the parking lot. A simple no brainer that can decrease the chance of an accident.

A few simple things to keep in mind to make your business run a little smoother. Couple these tips with valet insurance and enjoy lower risks.