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Three Tips to Reduce Winter Claims for High Net Worth Homes

Custom built homes often come with a heftier price tag than their more conventional counterparts. Obtaining a policy that covers the specialized risks is only part of covering your liabilities. Lower the cost and reduce claims of your high net worth homeowners insurance with these three tips.

Seal Gaps

Winter storms bring snow, ice, hail and wind. Taking the time to seal any gaps especially along windows, the attic and doors keeps out that unwanted chill and moisture, both of which can cause problems.

Insulate Adequately

Check the insulation in the attic of the home. Not only does proper insulation keep the heat inside the home, but it ensures the heat doesn’t leak into the attic resulting in melting and refreezing snow on the roof. Refrozen snow often results in ice dams.

Drain Pipes

Bursting water pipes that have frozen and then partially thawed is a huge problem for homeowners around the country. Before the first freeze, take these steps to reduce the chance of your pipes freezing:

  • Apply heat tape or pipe sleeves to exposed pipes
  • Drain irrigation systems
  • Let cold water drip from faucets on exceptionally cold days
  • Set your thermostat at or above 55 degrees

Preventing the harsh elements of winter from damaging your home can reduce the number of claims you need to file. Less claims keeps your high net worth homeowners insurance rates lower. You save time, money and the hassle often associated with repairing damage.