errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents

A Safety Shield for Any Agent

As an insurance agent, you have certainly felt the pressure of your work. Your clients depend on you to help them obtain the coverage they require in their time of need. However, you understand that the delicate nature of your business can make you a target for potential lawsuits and costly court fees. That is why errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents is specifically tailored to the types of litigation you may encounter.

Errors and Omissions Overview

Errors and omissions insurance deals with the costs related to a claim made by one of your clients against you. If a client’s feels that you have mishandled their money, made calculations errors that cost profit or were negligent in any way, a client can put forth lawsuit claiming your mistake affected them. Luckily, with errors and omissions insurance your court fees, settlement costs and other related expenses are covered.

You know that clients are sensitive about where their money goes. This is why an insurance agent is a big target. Therefore, it is better to be protected before these expensive incidents come your way.

A company that has the expertise on errors and omissions insurance for insurance agents understands the kinds of coverage you may need. Reach out to an agency today, and help out your business!