Powerful Online Presence

In a world where more and more marketing and sales take place online, it’s important that your web presence work for you. As an agent, insurance marketing can make a huge difference in your business, increasing web traffic and converting inquiries into sales. In order to maximize the potential of your online opportunities, you need an effective strategy for marketing your services.

What Makes the Difference?

No one factor can account for all of a company’s web traffic, but there are four broad categories that most marketing professionals focus on consistently.

  • responsive technology
  • branding
  • security
  • user experience

As you can see, all of these elements are intertwined in creating the optimal environment for converting leads into customers and keeping active customers satisfied. But addressing each of them as a unique and specific element allows you to consider all of the factors that add up to a positive online presence.

Emphasize Flexibility

Given the variety of devices people now use to access the internet, it’s critical to consider how your online offerings look on large screens and small, computers, tablets, and phones. The easier it is for customers to move between and among these environments, the more seamless their experience of your company. As an agent, insurance marketing isn’t just a tool, it’s a way of being present for your customers wherever and whenever they need you.