Keep Your Water Treatment Facilities Flowing

Treating and supplying water out to large populations can be demanding on its own, but, sometimes, not everything goes as planned. As water treatment services work for and supply to multiple people, there are often many issues that could possibly inconvenience or even harm one or many. It’s crucial to protect your facilities with water treatment insurance in the case of something going wrong.

Contamination and Pollution

Unfortunately, there may be situations where a contaminate gets into the water. When this happens, it could also end up making someone ill. There’s also the risk of chemical spills causing pollution of the area, pipes bursting or sewers backing up. Whether it’s in protection of people’s well being, private property or the environment, these often need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. General liability often won’t cover for these situations, so be sure to search for water treatment insurance that does.

Underground Pipes

Coverage for piping underground typically covers a specific distance from the property. Find a policy that is able to extend as far as needed, for cases where pipes may be damaged due to age, environmental factors or improper digging.

Failing to Supply

Whether due to damaged pipes or purposeful shutdown for repairs, being unable to supply water to customers could cause legal and financial issues. Water treatment insurance can cover claims in these situations.

These are only a few unique qualities to water treatment facilities that require particular policies. However, these alone can be good reasons to find a specially designed insurance program.