temporary staffing insurance

Two Important Types of Insurance Coverage Temporary Staffing Agencies May Need

Temporary staffing agencies can provide staff to businesses for a set period. Since these staff may be considered employees of the staffing agency, the staffing firm can be held responsible for the actions of the employees. Here are two types of temporary staffing insurance that staffing agencies may need to cover their liabilities.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Temporary staffing agencies may need worker’s compensation insurance for the employees that work in-house for the staffing firm as well as for the employees that may be placed offsite to work for other businesses. It can provide employees who have been injured on the job with compensation for lost wages and pay for medical treatment and medications. It can also cover the firm’s legal fees and settlements associated with lawsuits arising from employee injury or death.

Crime Insurance

Crime insurance can cover the staffing agency’s liability if an employee placed with a business steals property or commits fraudulent acts such as embezzlement or forgery. Staffing agencies who fail to secure this coverage may find themselves responsible for using their own funds to reimburse a client for losses due to fraudulent actions of employees.

Staffing agencies can place people in a variety of jobs, so it may be important to understand the types of risks associated with each type of placement. An agent who has experience with temporary staffing insurance can help you choose the coverage that best fits the unique needs of your firm.