Classic car storage insurance

Tips for Storing Your Classic Car Long-Term

Few things are more prized by their owners than collectible or classic cars. Many owners store their vehicles when not in use like over the winter, but all that inactivity can cause problems for your car. Classic car storage insurance can protect your baby while stored waiting for the next outing. Besides insuring the vehicle during storage, here’s some tips to keep your baby running smooth and ready to go.

Lubricate and Detail

Inactivity can cause sticking or rusting of the car’s moving parts and joints while stored for long term. Lubricating joint locks, hood latches, wheel bearings and all other hinges before storage helps avoid rotting, sticking, corrosion and detonation. Removing all the grime and dirt from the exterior with a good wash is also a good idea to do before storage. A clean and vacuumed interior can prevent critters.

Replace and Protect

There are a variety of chemical compounds in the vehicle. Left unattended for a long period of time can lead to corrosion, but a few steps can lesson that chance.

  • Drain gasoline, engine oil and transmission fluids
  • Disconnect the battery and leave out
  • Add stabilizer to 95% full new gas in the tank

These tips can aid in protecting your classic car during long term storage. Adding classic car storage insurance provides added protection for your baby.