marketing for insurance agents

Marketing Insurance Agents In the Digital Age

Creating a brand for yourself is important in today’s insurance market. It takes more than simply creating a web page and hoping for the best, and marketing for insurance agents can be a complex endeavor. Here are three methods you can use to create and maintain your digital image.

Work the Web

Since most people use search engines to find the businesses they need, it’s essential your name pops up in relevant results. If your website is properly indexed with Google, you stand an excellent chance of being noticed among the multitude of other agents and businesses. Having search engine optimized (SOE) content will push your brand to the top of the list.

Strategic Socializing

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are platforms that have taken the social media industry by storm. Proper marketing for insurance agents needs to take the popularity of this media into account. By building a brand presence in these areas, you can reach clients that would be otherwise unattainable.

Honing Your Homepage

The most influential toolkit in your advertising arsenal is your web page. If it doesn’t work, you don’t either. Make sure it’s easy to navigate, letting customers know you’re a real professional and are up to date with the technology. When marketing for insurance agents, having your site customized for mobile platforms can go a long way to illustrate your dedication to security and convenience.