What is a CPP insurance policy?

Is a CPP Insurance Policy Right for You?

When you’re looking to buy insurance, it’s always good to know about all of your potential options so you don’t miss out on an excellent deal. One upcoming popular insurance arrangement is the CPP, or Commercial Package Policy. What is a CPP insurance policy? It’s a service that offers a simple bundle of coverage options most commonly used by businesses nationwide, usually including:

  • Natural disaster protection
  • Secure building/property
  • General liability coverage

The coverage options included in these packages typically offer mid-level protection in order to keep costs low for business owners while keeping important bases covered.

Supplemental Insurance

Because the coverage offered in these packages tends to be mid-level, you may want to ask your agent about other options that aren’t included. These usually include workers’ compensation coverage, professional liability insurance and fiduciary insurance. These types of coverages are still important, and should be considered closely alongside the purchase of a CPP.

Is it Right for Your Business?

Of course. A CPP can be a great fit for any small or medium business venture, as long as responsible owners such as yourself take the time to review what’s included in the bundle. They get you the coverage you need for your company without the hassle of shopping around for each individual coverage option.

What is a CPP insurance policy? It’s a great way to ensure your business is at the top of its game with the protection it deserves, without spending months searching for the ideal bargain.