Insurance agents workers comp

Beware of Workers Comp Fraud

As an insurance agent, you’re constantly on the lookout for fraud from your clients, but did you ever stop to realize that insurance fraud could be happening within your own office? Insurance agents workers comp exists to protect employees who have been injured on the job. Unfortunately, however, there are always ways for unscrupulous workers to take advantage of the system.

False Claims of Injury

The most blatant form of workers comp fraud is when an employee claims an injury that doesn’t really exist. A savvy scam artist will claim an injury that is difficult to disprove, such as a soft tissue injury.

Injury Not Related to Work

In some cases there is a genuine injury, but the claim that it was caused by work activities is sketchy or just plain bogus. It may be an injury that occurred before the employee was hired at your company or an injury that occurred outside of work.


In cases of malingering, there is a legitimate work-related injury. However, it may be a minor injury that the employee presents as being more serious than it is. Alternatively, the employee may still claim to be in too much pain to come into work even after the injury is healed.

Insurance agents workers comp can be a tricky balance. You want to avoid being taken advantage of without creating a workplace environment of suspicion and hostility. Be courteous and conscientious in handling all workers comp claims. If you have reason to suspect fraud, report it immediately.