What Hospice Scenarios Require General Liability Intervention

A hospice facility helps bring comfort to individuals at the end of life and their family members. This kind of care creates multiple liability issues which is why any hospice facility should have coverage from a hospice general liability program. Here is a look at how this coverage protects hospices.

Anytime people run a system there are opportunities for human error. Negligence or errors of omission by staff members, volunteers or independent contractors is covered under general liability. Costs incurred due to fraud or data breaches could be repaid under certain coverages. Even legal costs associated with false allegations can be reduced with the right coverage options. A hospice general liability program also protects the facility if an employee has an accident or is hurt from a fall. A lesser known scenario covered by general liability are automobile accidents when staff or volunteers drive to conduct work-related business. This could include visiting a patient in their home or picking up patients or family members to bring to the facility.

General liability covers multiple scenarios that can cost a hospice facility in costs and loss of reputation. As a facility offers emotional, medical and spiritual help to patients and family members who are going through a difficult time, general liability coverage offers help to those facilities when an accident happens.