commercial launderers insurance

Insurance to Best Serve Commercial Laundering Customers

The commercial laundering industry is highly customer-oriented. In order to effectively take care of a customer’s garments and their personal health, it is important that the business’ commercial launderers insurance policy likewise accounts for the emergency needs of the customers. To meet this standard, the policy should include such coverage as bailee and products and completed operations insurance.

Bailee Coverage for Commercial Launderers

When a customer hands over his or her laundry to the cleaners, it then becomes the legal responsibility of the business to ensure that the garments do not become damaged. Be sure to select an insurance policy that includes bailee coverage across all operations, including in-storage, works in progress, and human error.

Policies for Products and Completed Operations

Commercial launderers insurance can also protect businesses against claims if a client has a physical reaction to cleaning products used on his or her clothing. Just as families carefully select laundry soaps to avoid rashes or outbreaks caused by chemical allergies, laundering services are held accountable for using products that are safe for their clients’ health.

When laundry company respect their customers and their clothes, their business succeeds. This goes beyond face-to-face interactions and day-to-day transactions, and extends to emergency insurance needs. Protect your clients with a superior and comprehensive commercial launderers insurance policy.