Resort hotel associations liability programs

What Kind of Liability Coverage Does a Hotel Need?

All businesses need general liability coverage, but each industry comes with its own unique liability needs. Resort hotel associations liability programs are designed to cater to the needs of the hospitality industry.

When disaster strikes, a hotel’s general liability policy may not cover all the legal costs associated with making the victims of said disaster whole again. Commercial umbrella liability can extend the liability coverage of the hotel association in the event that a catastrophe such as a fire leads to injury or death of anyone on the property.

Resort hotel associations liability programs often include cyber liability. Hotels are privy to an immense amount of sensitive information about guests. If there is a security breach and that information is stolen, the cyber liability policy can cover legal fees and any compensation that the court awards the plaintiffs.

Directors & officers liability insurance offers a broader scope of coverage than general liability. This is particularly important to hotel associations who may be held liable not only for the actions of association members but also those working on behalf of the association, such as outside contractors.

Like all businesses, hotel have their own needs when it comes to liability coverage. The comprehensive coverage of a package specifically designed for the industry protects hotel associations whenever legal issues arise.