insurance for dog bites

Why Buy a Dog Bite Policy

Many pet owners may wonder why they should consider insurance for dog bites. The policies are typically focused on the individual animal, not what some cities and municipalities call dangerous breeds. With more than one-third of liability claims being dog related, choosing an insurance policy to specifically cover a dog is often a smart decision.

A Dog Bite Policy Can Provide Additional Coverage

Many homeowner’s and renter’s policies may either limit coverage or specifically exclude damages arising from dogs. Most coverage usually caps at $25,000. With an average dog injury claim of $32,000, even a small incident could leave owners on the hook for a large sum. Most dog bite policies can range from $200 to $400 per year per dog.

Insurance for Dog Bites Can Cover More Than Nips

While many canine liability policies are often thought of as only for dog bites, the reality is that an owner can be held liable for any injury or damage a dog causes. Here are a few things a dog-specific supplemental policy can cover:

  • Bites
  • Scratches
  • Falls caused by a dog or leash
  • Car accidents caused by a dog

Employers and Landlords Can Have Peace of Mind

Insurance for dog bites can provide legal and medical coverage arising from a lawsuit. Many landlords and employers are generally more willing to have Fido on the premises when an owner names them as additional insured.