Freight insurance

Supply Chain Agents Who Need Insurance

One shipment of goods can go through many hands over the course of its route from manufacturer to the merchandiser. While the goods may be insured for liability, if a handler mis-stores or mis-ships the freight in the process, the carrier, warehousing agent or broker could be held liable. Freight insurance is available for each agent involved in the process, including:

  • Companies that have a global supply chain, whether you’re an importer, exporter, distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer
  • Third-Party Logistic Providers (3PLs), brokers, rail transporters, consolidators, air cargo agents and freight carriers
  • Customs brokers who could make a mistake in the shipping process
  • Freight forwarders and firms that specialize in storage of merchandise on behalf of shippers

Discuss your liability risks with your insurance agent to have a financial protection that manages your exposure, without paying for policies that don’t cover your business. Specialized insurance, loss prevention, and risk management benefits your business and ensures that you can keep up with the industry. Although it’s easier than ever to track shipments through technology, that doesn’t protect your business against loss.

The transportation industry is rapidly changing and emerging to meet new technologies, tougher regulations and a demanding clientele. Work with your insurance underwriter to have the protection you need. Insurance is changing to meets the demands of the industry.