temporary staffing insurance

Protect Your Firm Against Bad Hires

If you’re in the business of hiring temporary employees for businesses in your area, you know better than most how risky the staffing business is. Temporary placement is particularly difficult, as you need to find someone who is looking for temp work but who is reliable, trustworthy and hardworking. That combination can be difficult, as individuals who are the latter three things are generally looking for full-time employment. That said, it is not uncommon for staffing agencies to make what they believe to be good hires, only to be slapped with an E&O suit months later. To protect your business from professional liability suits, invest in temporary staffing insurance.

Temporary staffing coverage is designed to protect agencies that specialize in temporary staffing from class action suits dealing with negligent hires, temporary employee misconduct, financial loss as a result of a poor placement or failure to provide specified services. Professional liability suits can be costly and time-consuming, and without the right coverage, they can result in financial devastation. The right coverage can cover costs associated with a lawsuit and any damages accrued by a frivolous claim.

Though you may do everything in your power to prevent liability lawsuits, they do happen. Protect your firm from financial devastation when a claim does arise, and pick up a temporary staffing insurance policy today.