NSO liability insurance

Liability Insurance for Healthcare Providers

In the healthcare industry, professional liability is exceptionally high. To ensure the coverage you need, work with an insurance agency that knows the risks associated with your field and has the resources to cover your losses. NSO liability insurance offers both broad and specific coverage for healthcare services, protecting them against accidents, injury, malpractice and more. Through extensive underwriting and thorough risk assessment, you can put together a policy that’s right for you.

Not all insurance products are the same. NSO liability insurance for healthcare providers covers special circumstances not found in other policies. For example, they offer protection against abuse claims and litigation, including elder and sexual abuse in assisted living homes. Though you hope to never encounter these situations, you are nevertheless protected from these unfortunate realities. Additionally, you can secure coverage for malpractice expenses, including litigation and other costs. NSO has products for a variety of fields, including acupuncture, chiropractic, diagnostic medicine, senior care, physical therapy and many more.

For a better idea of the products available for your field, contact an NSO broker today. At NSO, you receive detailed coverage from experts who understand your practice. Don’t leave your insurance needs up to chance; secure the protection you need to keep your healthcare business operating smoothly.