NSO liability

Choose the Right Nurses’ Liability Coverage

Nurses and nursing services providers face a vastly different industry environment than in previous decades. HIPAA, the Affordable Care Act and other legislation has impacted the field, but shifting economic realities and technological innovations have also left their mark. While you strive to adapt with them, it’s important to consider shifting your insurance coverage to ensure it provides full-spectrum protection against major financial losses. For nursing professionals, NSO liability policies are the ideal answer to a complex problem.

Liability Insurance Options for Nursing Providers

Nurses and organizations that offer personalized nursing care of any kind typically benefit from professional liability policies. In fact, the technical term for medical malpractice insurance is medical professional liability insurance. While it’s mostly designed for individual licensed practitioners, the right insurance agency can offer a bundled solution for the licensed nurses in your company, paired with other indemnity products to handle a wide range of claims. Your total NSO liability solution might incorporate options such as:

  • Cyber security and privacy
  • License protection
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Sexual misconduct and abuse coverage
  • Legal expenses benefits

Your medical services organization is just as likely to pay large sums of money from a data breach as it would in the case of an accident or from allegations of abuse. Preparing for modern realities and electing an insurance company to craft your NSO liability insurance is a wise step to a continued, prosperous future.