Successful Planning Leads to Successful Strategies

insurance marketing organizations

In order to expand your business you’ll need to come up with marketing ideas that are going to help your agency grow. This often requires the help of insurance marketing organizations that know how to lead you to becoming more successful. They can help you to set goals, but you’ll also need to set a benchmark, the place where your agency is starting, and start charting your growth.


It’s important to be able to identify which ideas you set in motion that have worked for your agency and which ones didn’t, so in any future plans, you don’t waste unnecessary time or money on marketing plans that really didn’t get the desired results.


Ways in which to determine your agency’s benchmark


You need to examine your current sales, in both dollars and number of policies sold for the year, who your current clients are, and what made them decide to go with your agency. Are there things your agency offers that competitors don’t, or can’t? These considerations can help you establish how your agency differs from your competition and where you may need to improve.


Once you’ve established your benchmark, it’s time to start thinking about setting some goals. It pays to know where you’re headed and can help to make your marketing concepts more effective. Set specific goals and note when you have achieved each one. This is perhaps the best way to measure your successes.


Some time should be spent focusing on new sales while also working on other areas of your agency like renewals/retention, customer service, cross-selling opportunities, and referrals, as well as reviews and testimonials. One area that shouldn’t go overlooked in a marketing plan is your faithful, and valuable employees. They are just as much a part of the audience you’ll need to market to as are your current clients and prospects, especially since they’re a vital piece of the puzzle in implementing your marketing plan.


Your agents should focus on email blasts, quote forms, social media, the monthly newsletter, and any other ways you can think of to connect with prospects and clients. Working with insurance marketing organizations can get you moving in the right direction but the rest is still up to you.