Choosing the Right Policy for Dog Bite Insurance

Dog owner liability insurance

There is always a risk that your dog could bite someone no matter how docile he or she is at home. When you have liability insurance for this, is an incident happens, you are protected. The key is finding the right dog owner liability insurance policy for your needs.

If you have homeowner’s insurance, this might cover dog bite liability, but if not, you will want to get a separate policy. Even if your home policy does cover it, a second policy certainly cannot hurt to ensure that you are fully protected.

When you are looking at policies, see if there are any breed specifications or requirements. This could vary by state since some states consider certain breeds, such as Pit Bulls, more dangerous than others.

Look at what the policy covers and what the claims process is like. You want to know exactly what your policy covers, such as medical costs and lost wages. It is also important to know from the beginning how to submit a claim because should a bite happen, you want to start this immediately.

You can easily head to the internet to look into the various policies available for dog owner liability insurance. Just make sure that your chosen company is reputable and that the policy covers all of your needs.