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fine dining insurance

Tailoring Your Restaurant Insurance Policy

Depending on where you are in the country, some fine dining insurance packages can be required. Typically, those packages include general liability insurance and unemployment insurance. Beyond those options, how do you know what other coverages are best for your business? It can be easy to find yourself spiraling down a “what if” hole, so here are a few suggestions to keep your bundle concise and effective.

First think about your location. What’s the weather like? If your area is prone to extreme weather like tornados, hurricanes and floods, you may want to consider food contamination insurance. Food contamination insurance covers perishable food items that spoil when the power goes out from a natural disaster. Property insurance coverage is another option worth considering if the weather in your area is particularly destructive.

Do you have a company car? Do your employees drive their own car for your business? Commercial auto insurance and hired auto insurance are great options to consider if the answer to those questions is “yes”. No one ever expects a car accident, but when they happen, it is always best to be prepared.
Weather, bad luck, and even local crime rates are all good things to consider when deciding which fine dining insurance policies will be most useful to you. Listing your needs and meeting those needs through tailored policies can offer peace of mind.

Dangerous dog insurance

Why Your New Pet May Make Your Homeowner’s Insurance Skyrocket

Although most dogs are loving and sweet, some breeds are judged by their bloodlines. Because of your dog’s breed, your homeowner’s insurance company may decide that your dog is a danger and a future claim risk. Dangerous dog insurance can be difficult to obtain with traditional homeowner’s insurance policies, and if they do offer you coverage, you may have to pay a premium for it.

There are many dog breeds that tend to be singled out by insurance companies as high-risk. Breeds like Pitbulls, Dobermans, wolf hybrids (even if they look nothing like a wolf), Akitas, Great Danes, Huskies, Boxers, German Shepherds, and Chow Chows are targeted often. As a homeowner with one of these breeds, or even a mutt that is part one of these types of dogs, you may have to look into an alternate dangerous dog insurance policy, rather than rely on your homeowner’s policy.

Sadly, even though your dog may be the gentlest, sweetest dog in your neighborhood, you may still have to deal with this issue. Smaller breeds may be more likely to have aggression issues (although many dog owners will tell you that no breed is more likely to bite than another), but larger breeds tend to be of more concern simply because if they do attack, they can be more likely to cause serious injury or death.”

manufacturer insurance in Orlando

Coverage Choices for Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing industry needs to be suitably protected against the various hazards that take place in this line of work. There are so many different risks and exposures that many companies face daily during normal operations. The manufacturing of goods is an essential part of our nation’s success, with many products made in the US being shipped abroad.


If your company is responsible for producing metal, plastic or rubber goods, this encompasses a large portion of the goods created and distributed to companies and consumers worldwide. Therefore, you need to protect your business interests with manufacturer insurance in Orlando as part of your overall liability insurance coverage.


Insurance products essential to most manufacturers


Most businesses in manufacturing start with a comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance policy that contains multiple coverage parts. You need to have coverage in place for product liability (most CGL policies include separate Products Liability and Completed Operations coverage). When purchasing insurance you might be concerned about the cost of coverage, but more importantly, what the policy actually provides in the form of protection. It helps to have a thorough understanding of what your products liability exposure is in order to decide exactly what type of coverage you need.


Since you have employees who perform most of the work, workers compensation coverage will be required. This policy exists to assist workers with medical expenses and work-related injury payments and helps to eliminate additional litigation against the business owner.


Another concern for most companies with workers using vehicles as part of their job duties is auto insurance coverage, which will protect your firm from any kind of auto related liabilities. This is needed for companies that use employees to deliver goods to businesses or warehouses.


Another oft-purchased policy is an umbrella or excess liability protection that adds additional limits for large, third party claims. Exposure to larger losses can easily be underestimated, and most businesses can’t afford to go without coverage in the event they are faced with a large judgment or settlement they’re required to pay.


Speak to an agent who understands the needs of this industry and can help to provide you with manufacturer insurance in Orlando for your many concerns, including the building, business personal property, property belonging to your customers, business income and many other key coverages, all of which are designed to protect you, along with your assets.