No Bar Should Serve Unprotected

bar insurance

In the bar and hospitality industry, the combination of drinking and socializing poses risks that, if not covered, could leave our business picking up the liability tab on your own. Operating without bar insurance is not only risky, it’s illegal. Fortunately, working with your local insurer, you can find a policy that protects both your business and your patrons.

A commercial liability policy for bars offers coverage for the risks unique to the food and hospitality industry, such as food borne illness claims and drunk driving liability. Thorough risk assessment and suitable coverage limits allow bar businesses to operate without focusing on the unforeseeable.

Additional coverages can be included into your policy that further protect your bar from undue accountability, including liquor liability, as well as assault and battery protection for security staff. Should a member of your security team or a patron be injured in a security-related altercation, your policy can help cover any injury liability resulting from it. Most general liability policies do not cover these scenarios, making it ever more important that your bar, club or restaurant seek all relevant coverage options.

Don’t wait for the next incident to get coverage. If you’re in need of bar insurance, be sure to speak with a local broker about getting the protection your business needs.