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temporary staffing insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Temporary Staffing Agencies

Temporary staffing agencies have unique Workers’ Compensation Insurance needs. Any temporary staffing insurance package should include appropriate Workers’ Compensation coverage.

What Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

By law, Workers’ Compensation provides both medical coverage and income replacement for workers who are injured or become ill as a result of being on the job. In the case of injury or illness as a result of work, coverage includes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages resulting from being unable to work
  • Permanent disability
  • Death benefits

Do Clients’ Workers’ Compensation Plans Cover Temporary Employees Placed by a Staffing Agency?

In some cases, yes, clients could be liable for Workers’ Compensation under the law. In many cases, both employer clients and staffing agencies serve as joint-employers under the law. However, staffing agencies cannot rely on clients to provide coverage for workers. Because staffing agencies are the employers of these workers, staffing agencies must carry Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Required for Seasonal and Temporary Employees?

Even if you only employ seasonal and temporary employees, you must carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, per the law. This is just one of several temporary staffing insurance needs.

Workers’ Compensation coverage is absolutely necessary. Even temporary staffing agencies need it as part of their temporary staffing insurance package.


surety bond in New Jersey

Contractors: Choose Your Insurance Agency Carefully

In your work as a contractor, almost every job you take on will require the issuance of a surety bond in New Jersey. To beat the competition, you need ready access to these bonds, quickly and easily, without delays or overpayment. This is where your insurance specialist comes in.

Why You Need a Bond Specialist

Sometimes contractors mistakenly choose an insurance agency where contract surety bonds are only written as a sideline business. The harm in this is that the agent just doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge to handle these bonds, which can result in delays in issuance. The agency also might not have access to a variety of surety bond insurance carriers, since, as a sideline business, the agency will be unable to provide a large enough volume of business to suit most insurance underwriters. This can result in the contractor overpaying.

What to Look for in Choosing Your Insurance Bond Specialist

When setting up a relationship with an insurance agency, look for the following characteristics that will help ensure your success in obtaining the surety bond in New Jersey that you need on a timely basis, and at a fair price:

  • Years of experience in placing contract surety bonds in your area
  • Access to many different insurance carriers so your needs can be customized
  • The agency understands the time-sensitive nature of surety bonds

By lining up the right insurance specialist in advance, you will be adding to the potential success of your contracting business.

Meyers Insurance Group

Going With Your Gut When Selecting the Best Insurance

The best collaborations begin when you listen to your instincts. This is true in the bulk of interactions in the world, whether you are meeting a new person for the first time or selecting insurance. You can find what you need if you trust those providing the insurance you require. Meyers Insurance Group covers a myriad of clients in a multitude of ways and will be happy to bring you into their fold. On all sides, people want to work with those who will be happiest in the right partnership, so knowing what you are getting into with a well-rounded company can be vitally important to making a final decision on who to work with.

Those who have been in the business of insurance for some time know it is important to be versatile and forward-looking when it comes to what may possibly come to pass. With the right insurer you have nothing to fear. Meyers Insurance Group can help you if you are open to this type of assistance. There may be no industry better prepared for making sure you are armed to the teeth with what you need to keep yourself and your investments in life safe. This is after all how the right insurer remains in business. Following your gut can bring you to the perfect insurance arrangement.

Business insurance for banks

How Cyber Attacks Can Cost Banks

Banks have a lot of business to deal with throughout the course of a day. Technology has been developed to make working at a bank easier, though it is a truism that despite is benefits technology is not always solely helpful. Indeed, sometimes technology can expose banks to liabilities, which is why a bank should consider how business insurance for banks can help protect them from issues that may be concomitant to using technology.

Cyber crimes usually follow certain patterns. Sometimes the person responsible for your website may unwittingly use copyright material, incurring penalties against your business. Bugs are oftentimes exploited to gain access to your information, which could be quite costly. In a similar category, breaches in general, whether to intimidate or gain monetary benefits, are among the most common types of cyber attacks.

Cyber liability falls into two categories, generally speaking. When the bank is exposed to losses as a result of a cyber attack, it is called a first-party loss. The insurance claims that are included in this category are: getting your data back, investigations into the crime and the costs of not doing business during down time.This is opposed to a third-party loss, which is a cost incurred by a third-party in connection to the technological liability that the bank is expected to pay.

Banks can be exposed to various liabilities via technology. Business insurance for banks can help protect against some of the issues articulated above.

Furniture dealers insurance

Worker Comp Insurance Can Help Protect Furniture Store Employees

Couches, bed, dining room tables and other types of furniture can all play an important role in making one’s home feel comfortable and look beautiful. Employees at furniture stores often help make it possible for their customers to get the perfect piece for their home. Furniture dealers insurance can help protect these valuable workers.

Furniture stores employees aren’t there to just advice the customers on what to buy. They may also be required to move the products around the store for optimal showing. Other times, they may be asked to load the furniture up on a delivery truck and personally bring the product straight to a customer’s home.

Since furniture can be extremely heavy, the workers may get seriously injured carrying the product to its destination. A dining room table can fall on them or the weight of a couch may cause them to stumble backwards as they try to carry it upstairs. Fortunately, workers comp insurance can help cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages if they get injured on the job.

Dealing with large, heavy products like furniture can be very difficult and even one mishap may cause serious problems. Fortunately, furniture dealers insurance can help provide furniture store employees with much needed financial resources during these difficult times.


yacht builders insurance wholesalers

The Insurance You Need to Build a Yacht at a Wholesale Price

We know that the markets for boat building are getting tighter and more competitive. With pressure from competitors overseas, the stakes are raising. As yacht builders insurance wholesalers, we have the edge to remain competitive at the right time and for the right price for our consumers be they recreational builders or those who mass produce yachts for the current buyers.

The right insurer feels the pulse of the industry and adjust accordingly to remain competitive. So you can rest assured that if you get the right feeling from a potential insurer it makes complete sense to go with your gut. Finding the policy that fits you best keeps things simpler for all involved so that you can get back to doing what you really want to do, building yachts. Yacht builders insurance wholesalers know just how rewarding the field can be and that the less you can be bogged down in red tape the better. Knowing the market helps us bring you the best insurance value for your money and with that you can take on the world and engage in every project that calls your name. When you are engaged in the right building project, life is simply exciting. Let the security of the right insurance plan help you get back to what really matters.

nurse’s malpractice insurance

Why a Nurse Needs Insurance

Nursing is a stressful career. No matter which area a nurse may work in, he or she holds a lot of responsibility. Whether it’s an ICU nurse running a code or a labor and delivery nurse intervening when a patient’s labor takes a dangerous turn, nursing is rarely predictable. Nurses are expected to know how to handle even the most unexpected of situations and quickly make decisions that could mean life or death for their patients. This expectation and responsibility comes with a lot of liability. While no nurse would ever mean to harm a patient, mistakes do happen. A nurse’s malpractice insurance could minimize potential harm to his or her career.

Nurses are on the front lines of health care, spending a lot more time with patients than a doctor is able to. People that seek medical care are usually sick, injured, frightened and/or anxious, which can make tensions run quite high. Although nursing is considered to be the most trusted of professions, innocent acts of caring can be construed as something else. The medical field is often fraught with lawsuits. If something goes wrong with a patient or a loved one, they want someone to blame. A nurse’s malpractice insurance is protection against allegations of abuse, neglect or anything else he or she could be sued for. Having adequate insurance could bring some much needed peace of mind to any nurse that is just trying to do his or her job.