Reasons to Have Insurance on Classic Cars

classic collector’s insurance

Any owner of a classic vehicle is going to be a car enthusiast. Car collectors love their vehicles and understand that they need to be well taken care of. This means regular oil changes, car washes and other maintenance checks. It also means that classic collector’s insurance needs to be purchased for each vehicle in the collection.

Classic cars are used for a wide variety of reasons. One person might like to drive his or her 1963 Corvette as the primary mode of transportation. Another person might like to speed down the highway on the weekends on his or her 1946 Harley Davidson motorcycle. Or there could be another person who only drives his or her Classic Ford Woody to and from car shows once a month. Regardless of how the vehicle is used, it is important to have insurance on it.

Classic collector’s insurance can protect any damages that could occur on the vehicle in an automobile accident. Policies can also be written to protect against damages that could occur at a car show. Additionally, coverage can include extra items such as accessories to the vehicle, towing insurance and personal injuries. No matter how the classic vehicle is used, it will not be well cared for unless it has its own insurance policy.