Hosting a Vegan Festival or Event? You Need These Insurance Policies

insurance for vegan businesses

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of hosting an event, but don’t forget the important underlying details. Protect your event, business and mission by investing in a reliable insurance plan. Insurance gives you peace of mind and provides financial support when things go wrong. Consider adding these four types of insurance for vegan businesses to your next event.

1. General Liability

This protects you when an attendee is injured during your event or when someone’s personal property gets damaged. All medical bills, property replacement costs and legal fees are included in the coverage.

2. Liquor Liability

If you serve alcohol at your event and someone gets hurt, hurts another person or damages property, your liquor liability coverage takes care of the costs. Vendors who serve alcohol must have their own liquor insurance plans.

3. Event Cancellation Coverage

Any losses associated with canceling your event are covered under this insurance. Cancellation can be due to weather, financing, low attendance or any other reason.

4. Vendor Insurance

Vendors should have their own insurance for your event. If they don’t or if their insurance doesn’t provide full coverage, your policy can pick up the slack.

Are You Prepared?

During the planning stage, call your provider about insurance for vegan businesses. Get all the coverage you need to make your event a huge success.