What Type of Insurance Do I Need for My Bar?

insurance for bars

All bars need a comprehensive insurance plan to cover the cost of alcohol-related incidences and legal claims. Here are some of the benefits that comprehensive insurance for bars provides.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects you against patron claims such as personal property damage, personal injury and bodily injury. It also covers replacement costs when patrons damage your personal property inside the bar.

Liquor Liability

If a customer suffers an accident or gets into a fight after being served alcohol at your bar, your liquor liability insurance can cover the costs of associated claims against you.

Products and Completed Operations

This type of insurance protects you when patrons experience food poisoning, allergic reactions or illness after eating or drinking at your bar.

Assault and Battery

When your security staff is accused of using unnecessary or excessive force against a patron, assault and battery insurance steps in to protect your business and your staff. It also protects your business when patrons fight inside your bar.

Excess Liability

Sometimes you need extra insurance beyond the minimum. Excess liability gives you more coverage across all components of your comprehensive program.

Do not wait until accidents happen to research insurance plans. Call a provider that offers comprehensive insurance for bars in order to protect your business assets.