Keep Your Business Alive With Michigan Malpractice Insurance

Michigan malpractice insurance

You’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your Michigan business. Your clients depend on and trust you. Can you imagine if everything you worked for was threatened by a simple mistake, or worse yet, an unfounded claim from a dishonest client? Whether your company is large or small, Michigan malpractice insurance is essential to your operation.

What’s the Big Deal?

An employee could inadvertently make a mistake or customers could perceive that an error you made caused them financial loss. This doesn’t have to be proven before costs start to accumulate. As soon as an attorney starts to defend you against a claim, the fees accrue and can be expensive. And if you are found to be liable at all, you’ll also have a settlement to deal with. This could be devastating to your company.

What’s it for?

If your business includes providing a service to customers, Michigan malpractice insurance is a must. It is a type of coverage that responds to third party claims alleging financial loss resulting from and error or omission that occurred during the rendering of your professional services. This would include defense costs and damages amongst other types of financial loss, which would be defined by a policy that is tailored to your risk profile.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of others. Don’t put yourself in a financial predicament. Take care of your business by investing in Michigan malpractice insurance.